MOBICASE – The Most Functional Laptop Bag for Mobile Workers

The Mobicase is the ultimate 2-in-1 laptop bag & stand that allows you to work smarter, not harder and put and end to your laptop posture! 20+ features. Lightweight. Thoughtful design. Work in cafes, planes, and anywhere you want without compromise. The MOBI CASE is the world’s first laptop case with an inbuilt, laptop stand. […]

Apple Fixes Text A[?]nput A[?]ssue

Apple has fixed an unfortunate autocorrect bug that affected upper case ‘I’s, though it hasn’t explained what caused the problem. Users who updated to iOS 11.1 found that Apple’s favourite letter was instead being replaced with a capital A followed by a question mark either in parentheses or a square. Updating to the latest software […]

This Gigantic World of Warcraft Castle was Built Using Over 55,600 Lego Bricks

This amazing and very faithful recreation of Theramore keep from World of Warcraft was built by Mark Erickson using over 55,600 Lego bricks. In the game, the keep is a human city and port town located on a rocky island east of Dustwallow Marsh. Erickson notes that this is his largest LEGO project yet and […]

Huang Yi & KUKA: A Human-Robot Dance Duet

Harmoniously weaving together the art of dance and the science of mechanical engineering, Huang Yi performs a man-machine dance duet with KUKA — a robot he conceptualized and programmed — set to stirring cello by Joshua Roman. Here’s a compilation of some other performances by Huang Yi with his robot: [TED]

DEAL: Get The Wrinkle in Time Quintet Boxed Set for just $10.99 (71% Off!)

A Wrinkle in Time is a timeless science fantasy classic that many geeks have read in the past, and now that the novel is being turned into a movie, the series is now more popular than ever! For those who haven’t read the book or the whole series, Amazon currently has the boxed set of […]

For Cosplay Appreciation Day: FAKE GEEK GIRL! [Comic]

Just the perfect comic to post for #CosplayAppreciationDay (Nov. 13th,) a day that celebrates the hard work and efforts of cosplayers all over the world! [Source: Dork Tower | Follow “Dork Tower” on Twitter | Like “Dork Tower” on Facebook]

Her Universe to Release Gorgeous Doctor Who Fashion Collection

Sure, most Whovians have a few Doctor Who t-shirts in their wardrobe, but very few of us possess fancier stuff that can be worn at a nice restaurant or at the office. Unfortunately, sometimes casual wear just isn’t enough, and now, thanks to Her Universe, a new Doctor Who collection (for women only, unfortunately) will […]

4-Mation: The Coolest 3D Zoetrope Ever [Videos]

Zoetropes are animation devices that gives the illusion of motion by spinning object or pictures while onlookers observe the device through slits, or in this case, a video. The device showcased in this video is the 4-Mation, a modular 3D zoetrope that features swappable animations. For those interested, the 4-Mation will soon be available for […]

These Gorgeous Book Bags are The Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers!

For those of you who love to read (or if you know someone who does,) these book bags based on popular books are just perfect to carry your belongings around with style! Krukru Studio has over 100 designs to choose from, so wether you’re a fan of Harry Potter, Totoro, The Lord of the Rings, […]

Private Video [Comic]

[Source: The Frumps Comic | Like “The Frumps” on Facebook | Follow “The Frumps” on Twitter | Follow “The Frumps” on Instagram]

Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Star Wars Battlefront II, Lightning Cable, Charger, and A Lot More!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning: -Amazon Prime Members Only: 20% OFF on Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4/XBOX One/PC) (Final Price Only Seen at Checkout) –Anker PowerLine II Lightning Cable (10ft), Probably The World’s Most Durable Cable, MFi […]

WANT: Wooden Star Trek USS Enterprise Rocker

If you’re a new parent, and at the same time, a fan of the Star Trek franchise, be prepared for what might possibly be one of the greatest thing you’ll ever see. Behold: Amazing, isn’t? The Starship Enterprise Rocker is a unique custom handmade wooden children’s Rocking Toy made by G and G Rockers in […]