Deadly Animal Attacks in Super Slow Motion [Video]

A cool video from BBC’s Earth Unplugged showing various animals attacking a prey in super slow motion. [BBC Earth Unplugged]

The Ocean Floor [Comic]

[Source: Buttersafe Comics | Like “Buttersafe” on Facebook]

Why Do Some People Tolerate Spicy Food? [Science Video]

Some people can eat raw jalapeños like they’re apples. Why do some people have a high tolerance for spicy food while others can’t stand it? SciShow explores the science of spicy food tolerance. [SciShow]

Guile’s Theme (2017) Meets Metal [Video]

A fantastic cover of Guile’s theme from Street Fighter by Youtuber 331Erock. [331Erock]

Work vs Hobbies [Comic]

A comic by artist J. L. Westover from Mr. Lovenstein comics. [Source: Mr. Lovenstein Comics | Like Mr. Lovenstein on Facebook | Follow “Mr. Lovenstein” on Twitter]

Top 10 Frustrating Video Game Levels [Video]

Try not to fling your controller across the room. Or at least make sure your buddy’s not in the way. [Watch Mojo]

Should You Eat That Bacon? Should You Eat That Cupcake? – The Flowcharts

Above, a flowchart that is asking one very important question: Should you eat that bacon? And below, another one with a question that is as equally important: Should you eat that cupcake? [Via Cheezeburger]

When it Gets Boring [Comic]

[Source: Sarah’s Scribbles | Like “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Facebook | Follow “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Twitter]

Slo-Mo Footage of a Bumble Bee Pollinating Flowers [Video]

This is beautiful. Buzz pollination is a special technique for dislodging pollen from certain types of plants – and bumble bees are among the few species of bee capable of doing it. [Smithsonian Channel | Via Nerdist]

Old Man Parkour – Epic Chase Scene! [Video]

Old man parkour. A true battle of the ages. Who’s going to win? [ScottDW]

I’m So Tired [Comic]

[Source: The Gentleman’s Armchair | Like The Gentleman’s Armchair on Facebook]

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