Jeweler Creates Gorgeous ‘Final Fantasy X’ Engagement Ring [Pics]

We’ve featured the work of Takayas Custom Jewelry a few times on GAS in the past, and this week, the Jeweler has sent us his latest masterpiece: a one-of-a-kind Final Fantasy X engagement ring he has created for a couple who fell in love while playing the game. Craig fell in love with Keira while […]

Today’s Hottest Deal: Over 60 Geektastic Anime Movies on Blu-Ray for Under $10 Each!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has over 60 anime movies for under $10 each! There’s plenty of amazing titles in there such as Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, various Batman animated movies, and much, much more! Check ’em all out at the link below! [Over 60 Anime Movies on Blu-Ray […]

Accounting is Sucking the Life Out of Me [Comic]

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Here’s Why You Should Stop Memorizing your Passwords

Here are some excellent reasons to use a password manager instead of coming up with new passwords for every sites you use. I use Dashlane, which is free and is one of the best password managers out there, but there are plenty of others on the web.

How Much Would Superheroes’ New York Apartments Cost? [Infographic]

Ouch. That’s A LOT of money! [Source:]

Hero Swap: The Matrix Starring Forrest Gump [Video]

This is absolutely brilliant! In this Hero Swap, The Matrix swaps out Neo with Forrest Gump because there is no spoon and you never know what you’re gonna get. [HISHE]

Honest Trailer: Batman Begins

See the superhero origin story so good it only took have a script to perfect it – Batman Begins! [Screen Junkies]

How to Create a Queen of Hearts Cherry Pie [Video]

For Valentine’s Day, Jessica from “Pies are Awesome” came up with a fantastic Alice in Wonderland-inspired Queen of Hearts cherry pie that was just perfect for the holiday! [Pies Are Awesome]

Ultimate Streaming Box Caavo Looks Awesome But Awesomely Expensive

A new set-top box aims to make it far easier to use multiple streaming video and gaming devices, combining both the cables and interfaces. But it costs an eye-watering $400. Caavo aims to solve two different common problems in this age of trying to get streaming video on to a television set: dealing with a […]

Doctor Strange with Unnecessary Censorship [Video]

Even Sorcerer Supremes have to watch their language! [DailyAsgardianNews]

9 Things You Won’t Have to Worry About After a Nuclear Apocalypse [Comic]

[Source: bruised_blood (The Elsewhere) on Reddit]

LOGAN: How X-23 Got Her Claws [Video]

Logan director James Mangold just posted this short video on Twitter showing how X-23 got her claws. Just a quick warning, this video was a little disturbing to me. Just watch it. … — Mangold (@mang0ld) February 15, 2017 [Source: Mangold on Twitter]