Touchscreen Smart Mirror: Cool but Useless

A team of students from the University of Waterloo has recently designed a touchscreen mirror that may look pretty cool at first glance, but is probably not going to be very useful in real-world applications. I know that I couldn’t spend more than one minute reading from that thing. The reflection from the mirror makes […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The March 26th Edition

–Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Improve your Productivity 10 great Firfox extensions that can truly improve your productivity. –101 Shareware and Freeware Programs Every Nerd Needs How can a person limit juicy downloads to 101 freeware and shareware choices? Tough calls, but these tools are ones that every nerd needs, or at least should ponder. […]

Important Notice: What’s Coming for [GAS] in April

April will be a very busy month for me this year for many reasons. The most important one is that my wife and I are going to be the proud parents (again) of a little girl in just a few days / weeks. Unfortunately, this means that I probably won’t be able to write as […]

Google: Don’t be Evil?

Is it possible that Google, which from the 1st minute of existence had the motto of “Don’t be Evil,” is slowly moving away from their initial philosophy? So, what do you guys think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, but before expressing your opinion, start by watching this quick video. Ok, now that […]

Novell Launches “Get a Mac” Spoofs at BrainShare

Yes folks, Novell has just jumped on the “Get a Mac” spoofs bandwagon and produced two new parodies of the popular Mac commercials. Naturally, they used the opportunity to introduce their own character to the crew, a good looking woman who represents Linux. Enjoy the show! Links to the Hi-Res Videos: Meet Linux (.mpg) (.ogg) […]

Turning your Blog into a Money Making Machine: A Simple Guide

When I first started to blog in 2005, I had no idea my little venture would lead me to what [GAS] has become today. I’ve always blogued for fun, and initially, like most of you, I had no idea that money could be made out of the activity. The fact is, people can earn a […]

End of Support for Firefox 1.5

The Mozilla Foundation has announced yesterday that starting April 24th, they would stop supporting all versions of Firefox prior to version 2.0. Still running on version 1.5? Hurry up and upgrade before it’s too late! Here’s a link to the latest version of Firefox bundled with the Google toolbar.

Dungeons & Dragons, Networks and IT

Our friends at Network Performance Daily (Anyone who has us in their blogroll is our friend!) have recently pubbed an interesting editorial taking a look at how IT managers could make their level 40 sysadmins team more effective by analyzing how a typical Dungeons & Dragons game is played. The greatest barrier to creativity is […]