Nanobots navigating your bloodstream

Science fiction or reality: Little robots that can swim through your vascular system to administer medicine to a specific part of your body. Well, according to, a site that showcases some of the most interesting research projects done in Canada, these robots could soon become commonplace. Using microscopic magnetic balls, a scientist from Montreal’s […]

Say what you want to say in 12 seconds

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] They say a week is a lifetime in politics, but I would say 12 seconds is a lifetime on the internet.   That’s what I’ve discovered anyway after trying out 12 Seconds. There are lots of websites on the internet that allow you to leave videoclips and webcam clips but […]

Lock the Network Doors and Swallow the Key

There is a rather sensational story on the Drudge Report at this moment about an apparent disgruntled network engineer who granted himself god rights on a network, then locked out everyone else’s administrative rights. He then went to jail rather than divulge his password. It’s the equivalent of locking the door and swallowing the key. […]