The Intruder Phone: Coming to a Galaxy Near You Soon!

While randomly browsing the Web this morning, I stumbled across this very cool, UFO-looking, concept mobile named “The Intruder”. The thing, which features a round, swiveling 220×176-pixel display, may look very nice at a first glance, but can you imagine yourself sending an SMS via that circular keypad? Don’t forget that this is a concept […]

Google’s U.S. Search Market Share Continues to Soar

According to a new survey that was recently conducted by Hitwise, an Internet metrics firm, nearly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. searches went through Google last March, up from 58% just a year before. Is anyone surprised by this? I would have thought that Google would have had a larger share of the search market, but hey, […]

Wednesday Night Links Roundup

–Run Applications In Compatibility Mode In Vista Vista is all pretty and shiny, but unfortunately, it is not very adamant when the time to run old programs comes. If you desperately need to install something that Vista frowns upon, you can always try to execute it in Compatibility Mode. –Big Rocks First: Double Your Productivity This […]

AVG Does Freebie RootKit Detector

They’re evil; they’re nasty; we hate them; and we’re still pissed at Sony for bringing them into the limelight. Rootkits. Ugly bits of malware code that dig deep into your OS kernel, there to hide and do their nefarious business beneath the radar of your average AV program. Sony’s ill-thought out rootkit served to ‘protect’ […]

How to Get a Salary Raise

Here’s a great instructional video that could get quite handy for you in the near future if you’re thinking about asking your boss for a raise. The video splits the process into 6 steps. Here they are: First, ask yourself “Why do I deserve a raise?”. Document the reasons. Call recruitment agencies to get an […]

How to Make a Mini Gaussian Gun

Here’s a short presentation that will show you how to build a miniature version of a traditional gaussian gun. But first, what is a gaussian gun? According to wikipedia, it is a type of magnetic accelerator gun that uses one or more electromagnetic coils to accelerate a magnetic shell to very high velocities. Full-sized gaussian […]

Thunderbird 2.0 RC1

Thunderbird fans (especially those of you who use Vista), get excited! The first release-candidate has been set loose! If you’ve been holding off on trying earlier alphas or betas (or happen to use Microsoft’s latest OS), but still want to be ahead of the curve a little, this release-candidate is for you. Be aware, however, […]

Wiimote + MacBook Pro + Dome

Paul Bourke and a few of his colleagues from the University of Western Australia have recently developed an immersive 3D environment using a SXGA+ projector, a Dome, a MacBook Pro, and finally, a Wiimote. Check it out: The exercise illustrated here was to evaluate the potential of the Wii as a low cost wireless 3D […]