[GAS] “How to” Contest – Only 24 hours left!

Just a quick post this morning to remind you guys that there’s only 24 hours left until the end of our contest. Haven’t sent us your entry yet? It’s still not too late! Good luck to everyone!

Mozilla launches Prism

Mozilla just announced a new project, Prism, which transforms Web applications into traditional, desktop-based programs. As time passes, the growth of the online world has encouraged many corporations to develop software that can run exclusively online. This can be problematic for some people who do not wish to operate inside a Web browser, or who […]

The Phantom Wallet (Video)

In this segment of The Real Hustle, the hustlers show off some crafty pickpocket techniques. If someone bumps into you and your wallet still seems to be in your pocket, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Have you ever been the victim of a pickpocket?

Computers are tools, not metaphors.

by Brian Boyko [GAS] Contributor This is just a quick note from my own experiences. People often throw around brand names in the computer market as if they were status symbols. While there’s nothing wrong with trusting a particular brand based on previous experience, there are instances where “brand loyalty” may lead people to make […]

Monday morning links serving: The October 29th edition

–The Complete Guide to Mac/Windows Interoperability Today Mac OS and Windows can work together in harmony on the same home network, sharing files and printers, mounting one another’s drives and using the same equipment, like wireless routers and USB drives. –5 Ways to Disarm A Grumpy Boss Here are 5 quick tips you can use […]

[GAS] “How to” Contest – Only 5 days left!

Just a quick post to remind those of you who wanted to participate to our contest that there is only 5 days left before the closing date. We’re giving away more than $1300 in prizes, most of it in cash, and there’s only about 25 entries so far. This means that right now, people have […]

17,000 Watt Car Audio System makes your eardrums go BOOM!

Yep, that’s 17,000 watts of audio power, delivered right into your eardrums. At this point, I think that the word “loud” is largely irrelevant because this is WAY BEYOND loud. Not only will the guy listening to this audio system will turn deaf after a few weeks of cranking up the tunes, but his car […]

Gmail now supports IMAP

Yes folks, the team in charge of Google’s Gmail just announced their popular email service will now support the IMAP protocol. This will allow Gmail users to send and receive mail directly through traditional mail applications, such as Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Yes, I know, Gmail already supports POP, so why should you […]