Monday Morning Links Serving: The April 23rd Edition

–Do we truly need 8 hours of sleep? The BBC debunks the myth that people need 8 hours of sleep to function properly. –Moving Day for That Vista Machine Interesting article from New York Times journalist Larry Magid discussing different methods of migrating from your actual PC to a new Vista system. –Compression Software Comparison Guide Great guide […]

An Introduction to Multicore Systems

With mainstream CPUs going dual and quad-core, most of you who have a passion for processor technology will want to read up on how these new multicore systems work; and as a geek, you definitely should. So when I read this great piece from David Kanter this morning, I immediately thought of my readers. The […]

Ubuntu 7

The latest version of Ubuntu Linux has hit the streets. If you’re new to Linux, this particular distribution is one of the most user-friendly ones. You can even experiment with it without actually installing it! All you need to do is get your hands on the CD, put it in your computer, and boot from […]

L33t Haxxors – Episode 3 (Video)

Razorwire and Overlord are two of the best hackers in the world. They can hack almost anything: computers, microwaves, jars of peanut butter…if you can name it they can hack it. In this third episode, our Haxxor friends team up with a pair of sexy female hackers, Firefox and Phreak, to stop the notorious Spam […]

How to Make Magic Sand

As a kid, I’ve fooled around with magic sand countless times, and until today, I can say I had completely forgotten about the joys of playing with it. This morning, when I stumbled on this short video demonstrating how magic sand was made, it really brought out the kid in me. I immediately went to […]

Thunderbird 2.0 Officially Launched

A little bird (also known as Lifehacker) whispered some delightful news in my ear this morning. It said that Thunderbird 2.0 had officially hit the streets! We let you know of the deployment of Thunderbird 2.0’s release candidate 1 not too long ago, but this is different. This is the real deal. All Thunderbird users […]

Ctrl + Alt + Del: The History

Here’s a short video in which David Bradley, the original inventor of Ctrl + Alt + Del, explains why this particular combination of keys came into existence. He then goes on about how someone we all know very well helped popularize the command. This keyboard combination was implemented by David Bradley, a designer of the […]

12 Ways to Be A Security Idiot

Jim Rapoza, Chief Technology Analyst for eWeek, has just pubbed a funny, illustrated list (in the form of a slideshow) of things you can do to turn yourself into a complete, attachment-opening, virus-downloading idiot. Uh-oh, it looks like something is wrong with your PayPal account. It’s a little strange that this e-mail doesn’t use your […]