The Sarah Connor Chronicles – a worthy addition to the Terminator?

By Mark O’Neill


Arnold may have moved onto California to “lead, not to read” as Governor but the Terminator story continues nevertheless in the form of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. As fans wait with baited breath to see if a season 2 is about to be commissioned, the debate rages online – is the series a worthy addition to the Terminator series? Or is it nothing more than an embarrassing joke which should be consigned to TV hell?

Hannaford Data Breach is Likely Much Worse Than Reported

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Hannaford Brothers Supermarkets, a large New England grocery store chain, reported that they suffered a data breach.  The store’s network was penetrated and hackers were listening in during credit card authorizations.  Already, there are 1,800 confirmed cases of fraud associated with the breach.  At risk are 4.2 Million additional credit […]

World’s Most Powerful Air Vortex Cannon Will Blow you Away

To celebrate their twentieth anniversary of sandwich making, the folks from Erbert & Gerbert built what they call “the world’s most powerful air vortex cannon”. Enjoy! No idea on how large this thing really is, but according to the cannon’s official website, it’s about as big as the Appolo space capsule, and a little bit […]