One Mistaken Key Press Cost $220,700

Talk about a bad day at the office: a computer technician working for the Alaskan government accidentally wipes out nine months’ worth of critical data, only to find later that his backup plan isn’t working. Ouch! If you’ve used a computer for long, you’ve experienced the chilling moment when you realize you’ve mistakenly deleted something […]

April: Month of MySpace Bugs

Right after the months of Apple, PHP and browsers bugs, 2 “security researchers” have decided to follow the “Month of Bugs” trend and make April a month of daily MySpace vulnerability disclosures. According to the duo, the main goal of this new effort is not really about making MySpace more secure but more about showing […]

Vista Less Secure Than XP?

According to Kaspersky CEO, Natalya Kaspersky, Vista’s User Account Control feature is so restrictive and annoying that most people turn it off without a second thought, effectively making Microsoft’s newest OS less secure then Windows XP. Natalya Kaspersky, the company’s chief executive, said that without UAC, Vista will be less secure than Windows XP SP2. […]