In Honor of Solo’s One Year Anniversary #MakeSolo2Happen

Now that Solo has been released a little more than a year ago and that fans have been clamoring for a sequel on twitter with the hashtag #MakeSolo2Happen, here is an abomination of a keychain to celebrate the movie’s one year anniversary. [Via Reddit] Advertisements


Fulfillment [Comic]

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The First Trailer for STAR TREK: PICARD is Here!

The first trailer for CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Picard is here, and Picard is no longer a part of Starfleet. But why? I guess we’ll have to watch the series to find out! [Space]

NASA: We Are Going Back to the Moon by 2024 [Video]

An inspiring video narrated by William Shatner about NASA’s plan to go back to the moon by 2024 and use the moon as a launching platform for deep space missions. [NASA | Via TA]

The Rise of Dough [Comic]

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The Game of Thrones Theme Gets a Fantastic Visual Remix

A fantastic Synthesia keyboard remix of the Game of Thrones theme by Musicial GBH, featuring a virtual piano that shows how the song is played. [BGH Music]

Vault: The Online Security Cloud – Online Security Made Simple

Online security is as vital as locking your front door — and should be just as simple. A subscription to Vault arms you with four award-winning apps for a super low monthly price: a VPN, password manager, anti-malware solution, and data backup plan. Together, they arm you with the best tools to stay secure online! […]

Asta La Vista, Wallet: These T-800 Terminator Bookends and Tankard Look Amazing

Terminator: Dark Fate is coming out later this year, so to celebrate in style, why not have a pint inside a T-800 tankard. And why stop there? Adding a pair of Terminator bookends to your bookcase would also be appropriate! T-800 Tankard: This T-800 Terminator hand has shed all human flesh, exposing hydraulics overlaid on […]