Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Fidget Dodecahedron, Laser Printer, LED Flashlights, and MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning: –Trianium Fidget Dodecahedron “Cube” – $8.90 $5.95 –Anker Bolder LC40 LED Flashlight [2 PACK] (400 Lumens CREE LED, IP65 Water Resistant, 3 Modes High/ Low/ Strobe for Indoors and Outdoors) – $22.99 […]

Star Wars Explained: Why Darth Vader Constantly Made Changes To His Suit

Darth Vader constantly was changing and making minor to extreme alterations to his cybernetic suit following revenge of the Sith and in this video we explore why Vader was never satisfied with his cybernetics and why he chose to always make changes. [The Stupendous Wave]

Bruce Lee with Lightsaber Nunchucks [Video]

When Youtuber Patrick Nan saw an illustration featuring Bruce Lee with lightsabers, he just knew he had to create a similar scene using real footage. The man then took a scene from Fist of Fury (1972) and added a little magic so that Bruce Lee would appear to wield lightsabers Nnunchucks. How how cool is […]

Fahrenheit vs. Celcius vs. Kelvin

I have to mention that some living organism can tolerate temperatures that go down to 0 Kelvin, namely the Ozobranchus jantseanus, a leech that lives on Japanese turtles, or the Polypedilum vanderplanki (The larva of a fly), which can survive at -270°C by drying itself out completely. [Via Tickld]

Gorgeous Slow Motion Fire Tornado With Utah Sunset Backdrop [Video]

Fire is always epic in slow motion, but I was particularly hyped on this footage because of the crazy span of background colors to contrast the fire. Yay sunsets! Utah is so damn beautiful. :) [BeyondSlowMotion]

The Force is Strong with This Rocking Ride-in X-Wing [Pics]

This beautiful Rocking Ride-in X-Wing is entirely made from solid wood (pine, native macrocarpa and rimu) and features a removable wooden R2-D2 that sits in the back and removable wings “for ease of intergalactic travel in the back of a medium sized car.” Size: 1150mm long,1200mm wide, 650mm tall ( seating area is 280mm wide […]

Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman [Pic]

A fantastic story featuring Alan Rickman, who passed away on this day two years ago, and Rupert Grint. [Via Reddit]

DEAL: Get a Backup Camera and Dash Cam HD Combo Kit For Your Car For Just $76.99

Amazon is currently offering the AUTO-VOX M6 Dash Cam Backup Camera Kit for just $76.99 instead of $109 by using promo code BZONB96Y at checkout. -TOUCH SCREEN OPERATION INTERFACE: It’s very easy to navigate to Menu settings with a fingertip touch. -HIGH QUALITY IMAGES : M6 mirror dash cam provides full HD clear pictures in […]

Wanna See a Neat Trick? [Comic]

[Source: Buttersafe Comics | Like “Buttersafe” on Facebook]

Climate Change: Earth’s giant game of Tetris [Science Video]

There’s a game of Tetris happening on a global scale: The playing space is planet Earth, and all those pesky, stacking blocks represent carbon dioxide — a greenhouse gas that is piling up ever more rapidly as we burn the fossil fuels that run our cars, factories and power plants. Joss Fong outlines how this […]

The Batmobile Won’t Start!

[Via Imgur]

DEAL: The World’s End / Hot Fuzz / Shaun of the Dead Trilogy Box Set (Blu-Ray) – $12.52 (54% Off!)

Amazon currently has three of my favorite British buddy movies (The World’s End / Hot Fuzz / Shaun of the Dead) all included in a single blu-ray box set for just $12.52 instead of $26.98 (54% Off!) The World’s End Twenty years after their first epic pub crawl attempt, the “five musketeers” reunite to complete […]