Scorpions’ Rock You Like a Hurricane Performed by a Computer Hardware Orchestra

Watch as the Floppotron computer hardware orchestra covers Scorpions’ Rock You Like a Hurricane on some floppy drives, scanners, and hard drive. [Paweł Zadrożniak] Advertisements


Just One Phone Call [Comic]

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Every Best Cinematography Winner. Ever. (1929-2019 Oscars)

From Burger Fiction: The 2019 Oscars are less than a week away! We’ve got a huge new update to our Best Cinematography video, with over 2 minutes of brand new footage. We’ve added last year’s winner, this year’s nominees, and a whole bunch of great updates throughout the video. Enjoy! Here’s the full list in […]

Explosives Expert Rates Unrealistic Movie Explosions

We’ve all seen action stars walk away from ridiculous explosions in movies. Here, Columbia University explosives engineer Rodger Cornell rates 10 movie explosion scenes based on how realistic they are. We look at scenes from action and adventure movies like “Indiana Jones,” “Transformers,” “Django Unchained,” “X-Men,” “The Dark Knight,” “Desperado,” and more. How plausible are […]

Movie Breakfast [Comic]

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Become a Business Leader with The Business Professional Master Class 54-Course Bundle (99% Off!)

This massive, 54-course bundle covers everything you need to know to become a leader in buiness, including courses in business, human resources, and professional skills. No matter what industry you work in, it’s crucial to have soft professional skills to help you get ahead. This enormous, IAOTS-certified bundle features 54 complete courses covering business, human […]

IT EXISTS: A Flying Spaghetti Monster Colander

I don’t know about you guys, but I think this might very well be one of the most amazing colander of all time! Don’t let his pretty eyes fool you, this spaghetti monster is a straining master. And if you’re planning a spaghetti dish, this noodly master will grant your wish! Whether you want to […]