NEVER Challenge Pennywise the Clown to a Dance-Off! [Videos]

There’s a new trend online: People taking the Dancing Pennywise scene from IT and making him dance to various songs. Here are a few examples: (Please note that the videos below might take a few seconds to load) Numa Numa #ITMovie — Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 21, 2017 Everytime We Touch #ITMovie #IT #ItMovie2017 […]

Blood Brothers [Comic]

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DEAL: Having Wrist Pain? This Anker Wireless Vertical Mouse is For You! – $13.99 (72% Off!)

If you’re afflicted with chronic wrist pain while working on your computer, this vertical ergonomic mouse might be just the thing you need, and today, with promo code DEALSUBA, the mouse can be yours for just $13.99 instead of $49.99! Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral “handshake” wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and […]

Jackie Chan & Olivia Munn Answer Martial Arts Questions From Twitter

In this segment of Wired’s “Tech Support,” Jackie Chan and Olivia Munn use the power of Twitter to answer some common martial arts questions. Jackie also teaches Olivia how to karate chop some pieces of wood and defend herself from knife attacks. [Wired]

The Vicious Cycle [Comic]

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The Butt of This Spider Looks Like a Nightmarish Pikachu

That’s right, geeks, the butt of the Micrathena sagittata, more commonly known as a Arrowshaped Micrathena, looks like some kind of nightmarish Pikachu that has spikes growing on his face. Behold: This #ArachnidGotBacknid! Sometimes your #spider butt looks like #Pikachu #Pokemon! Micrathena sagittata found at my field site in Honduras — Jonathan Kolby (@MyFrogCroaked) […]

Star Trek Theme Song Acapella Medley [Video]

Watch as the folks from The Warp Zone sing 5 iconic Star Trek TV theme songs in 1 epic acapella medley! [The Warp Zone]

Meetings in a Nutshell [Comic]

I’m just glad this part of my life is over. [Source: The Gentleman’s Armchair | Like The Gentleman’s Armchair on Facebook]

Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Wireless / Wired Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Transmitter, Stuff for your Home, and MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning. –Avantree 40 hr Wireless / Wired Bluetooth 4.0 Over-the-Ear Headphones / Headset with Mic, aptX Hi-Fi, Extra COMFORTABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT, NFC, DUAL Mode – Audition [2-Year Warranty] – $79.99 $41.24 + FREE […]

This Amazing Suit of Armor is Entirely Made of Magic the Gathering Cards [Pics]

Over the past month, Reddit user TechnicolorTraveler made the amazing suit of armor you see above entirely from Magic: The Gathering cards, which includes the sword and shield as well. Be sure to check the rest of the pics below! [Via LS]

I Have Been And Always Shall Be Your Friend: The Star Trek Friendship Necklace

We all know that Kirk and Spock were intergalactic besties, and now, you and a special friend can be too thanks to this stylish magnetic friendship necklace. Wear one half and give the other to whomever you like. Or, the two halves of the Starfleet insignia pendant also fasten together with magnets and can be […]

LUME: An Inexpensive Portable Pro Grade Ceramic Burr Coffee Gringer That’s Also a Light!

I love my coffee, and I especially like brewing it after it’s been freshly grinded. Unfortunately, manual grinder often do very badly at grinding coffee beans at a consistent size, but thanks to the ceramic burr inside the LUME Coffee grinder, this is a thing of the past. Oh, and did I mention that the […]