Yoshi Loves Birdo [Video]


How to do a research paper: 1990 vs. 2010

Ok, maybe the suicide part is a little extreme, but apart from that, this is fairly accurate. [Source: Endless Origami]

Beyond Black Mesa Official Trailer

Here is the official trailer for Beyond Black Mesa – a short independent fan film Inspired by the Half-Life universe. Total budget of the project: $1,200. Check it out: The film has already been presented at the Sidewalk Film Festival back in September, but unfortunately, there’s no word out yet on when it will be […]

Foursquare and the like still a niche

“Geosocial” services such as Foursquare may get a lot of buzz, but they aren’t getting a lot of use. A new study finds that on an average day, only one in a hundred internet users access such a service. The Pew Internet & American Life Project interviewed 3,000 internet users about location-based services, those which […]

Zombie Outbreak Battle Royale [Video]

To promote their upcoming Humans vs. Zombies battle royale, students at SUNY Geneseo have released this totally epic trailer showing how the day at the event is typically spent. Check it out: [Via Gizmodo | Official Site]

Spoonachos: Spoon Shaped Nachos [OMG!]

* MIND BLOWN * The guy who invented this should get a Nobel prize or something. I mean, After the wheel and the Large Hardon Collider, Spoonachos have to be one of mankind’s most brilliant achievements. Denis Bostandzic, we bow down to your godlike intellect. Edit: Please note that the typo in this post is […]

iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry

Here’s how smartphone users see each other: [Source: C-Section Comics]

I’ve got an iPhone!

Internet superstar Joel from Rathergood.com has just released a new song about the joys of owning an iPhone. Enjoy! [Via Rathergood]

Rapture: A Gloriously Beautiful Time-Lapse Video

Shot by astronomy photographer of the year Tom Lowe, whom we featured on [GaS] many times in the past (here and here), Rapture is a breathtaking time-lapse video featuring some of the most beautiful scenery from the Great American Southwest. Oh, and after hitting that play button, make sure the video is in HD mode […]

From Princess Leia to Tony Stark: The Future of Holograms is Near

Geeks know better than anyone: the future is holograms. I mean, ever since Star Wars we’ve been dreaming of communication via tiny, rendered, animated graphics beamed across interstellar space. Or at least, I have. Turns out, we’re not the only ones. A team of researchers in the US are working hard to bring this fantasy […]

Really, Amazon?: More Items to Consider [PIC]

So, does that mean that people interested in expensive audio cables are usually also concerned about testicular health? Know about any other senseless / amusing Amazon item suggestions? Let us know about them in the comments! [Source: Amazon.com]

Spacecraft gets close to comet — but not too close

A NASA spacecraft has caught up with a comet for the second time — but confusingly only the first trip was a suicide mission. EPOXI came within 435 miles of Hartley 2 this morning (US time), the planned close-point of its approach. At the time of writing, NASA was awaiting images from an on-board camera: […]