Mortal Kombat Fatalities… for Children!

Mortal Kombat fatalities are not what we could actually call “kid-friendly”, but these from Youtube user Eric Power almost make the whole thing look cute. Almost. [Via Kotaku]

Awesome New StarCraft II Trailer: Ghosts of the Past

Only 5 days left to wait folks! If you want the game shipped to you on release date, you can pre-order it on right here.

Apple Poised to Top Microsoft This Quarter

Consider this a headline I never would have expected 10 years ago. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve used Apple products exclusively over the last decade, and it’s been an intriguing journey to say the least. But according to CNN, Apple is now the world’s most valuable tech company. While that fact in and of itself […]

17 Things You Should Know About DNA [Infographic]

Are you a living creature? Then, congratulations! You have DNA! That microscopic little building block of life that makes us all the same, but grants us with distinct differences. But for as common as DNA is, it can be a though subject to understand. Below are some of the facts to help you better understand […]

Batman Pug Sings Batman Theme

Hey, it looks like that pug we recently featured whose only skill was to bark “BATMAN!” has finally landed his dream job: singing the Batman theme from somewhere in dog heaven (because apparently, he’s dead.) Check it out:

Are Vampires Losing Their Geeky Edge?

From Black Holes to Blood Suckers I couldn’t help but notice some trends in yesterday’s post about black holes in our geek lives. Not only did we see some interesting omissions in people’s geeky educations, but there were also quite a few confessions. (Really, people, not reading The Lord of the Rings? And you call […]

R136a1: Most Massive Star Ever Discovered

R136a1 may sound like a lame attempt to create a more secure webmail password, but it’s actually the star with the largest mass ever discovered. The British astronomers who found it said this week that though it’s currently 265 times more massive than our Sun, it may well have been as much as 320 times […]

Double Rainbow Dude in Everyday Life

First, there was the original double rainbow video, then, there was the song, and now, here’s the inevitable parody. Enjoy!

Netwitness Visualize: Bringing Network Data Extraction and Assembly to the Next Step

Being in charge of network security can be a daunting task, especially when threats mutate on a daily basis. There are loads of tools out there that help with these tasks, and one more tool has been added to the security toolkit: NetWitness Visualize. Using the enterprise full packet capture of NetWitness, it is now […]