Bishop, Please [Comic]

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Spinners: A Rube Goldberg Machine Made from Fidget Spinners [Video]

From Kaplamino: I already used two fidget spinners tricks in the previous video, but they were very simple. I knew that it was possible to do much better, because this object has a lot of potential for chain reactions and can be used in many different ways. So I made a video with 10 of […]

Seize the Moment: An Animated Version of an Inspiring Speech by Stephen Hawking [Video]

Back in 2015 at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, Stephen Hawking gave a speech which he named “It Can Be Done.” In tribute to the passing of the man, After Skool created this white board animation that illustrates the speech. There are few scientists that can be said to have touched the public imagination. […]

Unforeseen Circumstances [Comic]

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Bill Nye Teaches You Science Slang

Bill Nye teaches you scientific slang words and terms. Find out what “arsole,” “hinny,” “champagne tap” and more words mean. “Bill Nye: Science Guy” will premiere on POV on PBS ( on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. [Vanity Fair]

The Postman’s Creed [Comic]

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“Won’t You Be My Neighbor” Documentary Tells the Touching Tale of Mister Rogers

15 years ago, Fred Rogers left us, but even today, his legacy lives on in the minds of millions of people. “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” is a documentary about the life of the man who was behind “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” a show about kindness, accepting differences in others, and overcoming life’s challenges. [Focus Features]

Oldschool Handheld Video Games Now Playable Online

The Internet Archive has added 75 handheld games to its collection of playable archived games. While there’s a big omission, the collection does have some wonderfully obscure games. The archive already included thousands of PC, console and arcade cabinet games, but this is the first time it’s added standalone handheld games. Popular in the 80s, […]