Are Vampires Losing Their Geeky Edge?

From Black Holes to Blood Suckers I couldn’t help but notice some trends in yesterday’s post about black holes in our geek lives. Not only did we see some interesting omissions in people’s geeky educations, but there were also quite a few confessions. (Really, people, not reading The Lord of the Rings? And you call […]

Creatures in the Depths Off Australia Offer Insight Into the Way We See

Having just returned from the beach myself, this story particularly caught my attention this morning. Not to mention that, for about two years during my elementary school education, I was convinced I would become an oceanographer or a marine biologist. I was obsessed with dolphins, and did a rather snazzy presentation on echolocation in the […]

Another Geeky Alphabet For Your Viewing Pleasure!

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] Back in May, our own Casey created a fantastic pictorial alphabet for geeks.  Well another one has popped up on the interwebs…full of comic book heroes, TV show characters, and the occasionally obscure fanboy reference…right up your alley, right?  Check out these choice letters! D is for Doctor See […]