GoCube: The Classic Puzzle Reinvented

The GoCube in a smart app-connected version of the classic game we all know and love. It can turn anyone from a beginner to a master with tutorials and coaching. The GoCube is equipped with sensors to track and measure activity, and an inertial measurement unit to track the cube’s position, allowing you to sync […]

Make it So: McFarlane to Release Gorgeous New Star Trek Action Figures

Sure, there’s been quite a few Star Trek action figures released for Star Trek fans in the past, but if you wanted the good stuff, there was only one possibility: Sideshow Toy figures. Unfortunately, at around USD$180, these are a little on the expensive side. But now, thanks to the folks over at McFarlane, some […]

These Toy Story Arch Enemies Light-Up Heels Are a Happy Abomination

That’s right geeks, Toy Story themed light-up heels for adults. You know you want a pair. Behold: Made by the mad geniuses at Irregular Choice, these officially-licensed Toy Story light-up heels feature bright white LEDs on each shoe that light up when you walk and chunky heels that are composed of rotating blocks. The right […]

Ikea & Lego To Work Together

Ikea is to team up with Lego, saying the resulting products will cover both adults and children. It’s playing catch-up on several fronts however. The news emerged at a press event when Ikea said it will be partnering with several brands for next year, with confirmed products including a Sonos speaker that fits with some […]

Star Wars Fans Send Support to Kelly Marie Tran With #FANARTFORROSE

You’ve probably heard about it, Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose Tico in The Last Jedi, deleted all her posts on Instagram after months of harassment from a group of bitter Star Wars fans. In support of the actress, artists on Twitter have created the hastag #FanArtForRose and used it to post some beautiful artwork […]

Most Marvel Comic Book Character Tattoos on a Body – Guinness World Records

Rick Scolamiero from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has 31 marvel comic book characters tattooed on his body, which recently earned him a Guinness world record! Check ’em all out in the video above! [Guinness World Records]

How Do Vending Machines Tell the Difference Between Fake Coins and Real Coins?

I have wondered for quite some time how vending machines tell the difference between actual coins or fake money and slugs. It’s actually pretty straight forward, but cool to see anyway. Definitely a cool insight into how these machines work (and also, for those wondering, the amazing Skittle vending machines you see in photo above […]

Tomb of Horrors Returns In Deluxe D&D Artwork Package

If you’re a D&D fan and money’s no object, the special edition of the upcoming Art and Arcana book looks a must. It even includes a reprint of one of the most challenging modules in the game’s history. The book itself, which costs $50, was already looking utterly gorgeous. Described as a visual history of […]