WANT: The Gameboy Swimsuit

There’s a reason Black Milk Clothing is a go-to source for the geeky fashion-forward. Their R2D2 swimsuit is still makings its rounds on the Internets despite having been discontinued forever ago, and items like the Mountains of Mars printed leggings keep upping the awesomeness ante. This swimsuit isn’t yet available, but you can bet it’ll run […]

Greg Hildebrandt’s Sexy Marilyn Monroe Contest

In 1959, twin brothers Greg and Tim Hildebrant began working as an illustrating duo, quickly earning the collective nickname “Brothers Hildebrandt”; the pair worked on documentary films and thousands of illustrations for text books, children’s books, calendars, book covers, posters, comic books, advertisements, movie posters, production design for films, collectables and trading card games. They […]