There are No Rules: When The Laws of Physics Appear to Be an Illusion [Short Sci-Fi Story]

There are no rules. That is the first thing anyone learns about the universe. Sure, you can find some patterns: things fall towards bigger things, you need food to live, the usual. But really most patterns just break easily. Sometimes rocks are the same size but things fall faster towards one for no reason; sometimes […]

The Perfect Ride for Gotham City Soccer Moms: The Rezvani Vengeance

So yeah, there’s this totally overkill armored SUV out there called the Rezvani Vengeance, and it’s the perfect ride for all the soccer moms out there living in Gotham City. The vehicle’s price? Just $495,000! Watch this totally hilarious video featuring @Mobile_mama‘s review of the Vengeance. @mobile_mama Is the Rezvani Vengeance the safest vehicle for […]

ANT-MAN Has a REAL Autobiography That You Can Actually Buy!

It’s true. Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, just unveiled his autobiography that you can actually pre-order right now! Nope, not a joke. Not the New York Times calls it “One of the best avengers’ autobiographies of this multiverse.” Behold: This is the incredible story of an ex-con turned world-saving Super Hero. In Look Out for the […]

Stabby is a Good Robot [Short Sci-Fi Story]

I am deep clean unit 19-20-1-2-2-25. My current designation however is “Stabby” MAIN DIRECTIVES: Clean ship floors Follow captain orders (overwritten) Follow orders of high-engineer Kevin (Anomalous code) SECONDARY DIRECTIVES: Avoid crewmembers (overwritten) Avoid captain (Anomalous code) Hit crewmembers’ ankles with “knife attachment” (Anomalous code) TERTIARY DIRECTIVES: Stab all of high-engineer Kevin’s enemies (Anomalous code)

Today’s Hottest Deals: LG UltraGear QHD 34-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor, 2TB PCIe Gen3 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD, LEGO Star Wars Hoth AT-ST, and More!

For today’s edition of “Deal of the Day,” here are some of the best deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning! Please note that Geeks are Sexy might get a small commission from qualifying purchases done through our posts (as an Amazon associate or a member of other affiliate programs.) –LG UltraGear […]

Obsessed: A Look One of the World’s Best Slinky Master [Video]

Remember playing with slinkys as a child? Josh Jacobs has transformed the classic toy into a visually striking art form through slinky manipulation. This relatively new practice began around 2010, and Josh discovered it eight years ago while watching a talented Chinese slinky artist perform incredible feats with a slinky. Today, he is a leading […]

Human Medics are Scary [Short Sci-Fi Story]

Medicine is important. As it turns out being able to prevent or slow down death using science is quite the achievement and one of the biggest advantages intelligent species have when compared to common animals. Medicine is a great tool for good and peace. So, naturally, everyone adapted it for war. The equation is simple: […]