Skydiving Simulator

I don’t exactly know how difficult moving around this skydiving simulator is, but it sure does look like a lot fun! I’ve seen simulators similar to this in the past, but the only thing they allowed was to hover in mid-air. Certainly nothing as cool as this thing! [Via TechEblog]

Feature: Wait, did you say “Flamethrower”? – The Robogames Combat Robots

Combat robots aren’t exactly new – the first season of the Comedy Central show “Battlebots” aired in 2000 and the games had been going strong since 1997. What’s interesting, however, is how 11 years of robot evolution have affected the sport. Back in 2002, the spinners ruled the day. But today’s robots are meaner than […]

DM #1’s HP=0

Dave Arneson, one of the men who created Dungeons & Dragons, has died from cancer aged 61. While it was colleague Gary Gygax who specifically wrote what became Dungeons & Dragons, Arneson played a vital role in both the creation of the game and the development of the role-playing game concept. He had taken a […]

Turbo Movie Trailer

Entirely shot on a RED camera for a USC graduate thesis, Turbo is a high-adrenaline 20-minute short featuring Hugo Park (Justin Chon, Twilight), a misspent youth whose only outlet for angst is a 4D fighting video game called “Super Turbo Arena”. Check out the official trailer below. [Via Gizmodo]