The ultimate 2D physics puzzle game: Crayon Physics Deluxe

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a 2D physics puzzle game that allows you to draw objects and then unleash them upon a 2d world to accomplish certain objectives. Check it out in the following video: Looks fun, doesn’t it? Advertisements


Play detective with Channel 4’s Bow Street Runner

By Mark O’Neill The British TV channel “Channel 4” has brought out on their website an online detective role-playing game called “Bow Street Runner” which invites you to solve a murder in 18th century London. Named after the group which were the predecessors to the modern day London police force, this free game is remarkably […]

FPS Vest: Want to know what it’s like to get shot?

People spend thousands of dollars when it comes to getting the most out of their PC games, but at the end of the day they’re still staring at a screen; completely out of touch with what is actually going on in the 3D environment of their favorite First Person Shooter. The FPS Vest from TN […]

Introducing the next generation of computer gaming

By Mark O’Neill The British “Times” newspaper is reporting the invention of a headset that will allow gamers to interact with virtual worlds just by “thinking and feeling”. It relies on EEG technology (electroencephalography) which I am very familiar with due to my epilepsy. I have EEG tests done on a regular basis on my […]

“So Jaredpower, what’s your burger-flipping experience?”

By Mark O’Neill What is it with all the Second Life stories appearing in the mainstream media at the moment? Papers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times are suddenly going all Linden Labs crazy. It seems that as well as the virtual reality world being used by terrorists and spies, it […]

Let’s play Sim Iraq!

By Mark O’Neill The latest tool in the US government’s arsenal in the war on terror – a virtual reality Sims game. Or as the Pentagon likes to call it, a ‘Human, Social, and Cultural Behavior Modeling program‘ Just a few days ago, I mentioned how the US intelligence community was using ‘Second Life’ for […]

Go for a spin in Google Earth’s F-16!

By Mark O’Neill I am just about getting the hang of this flying thing in Google Earth’s flight simulator. But now it has just got a lot cooler! A very enterprising person has made an overlay picture of a F-16 cockpit that you can use while flying. Just double-click on the file to open up […]

Is Second Life really a haven for terrorists?

By Mark O’Neill “Oooh…hello, my legs seem to be stuck together here. Can you help me out please buddy?” The name is Hultcrantz, Edmund Hultcrantz….at least I was last year when I tried Second Life for all of 30 minutes. Since then, I have heard lots of positive comments about the online virtual world. But […]