Scrabble 60th Anniversary

Another masterpiece of animation from PES, in celebration of Scrabble’s 60th anniversary. The game was invented in 1938, but not mass-produced until 1948. [via Nag on the Lake] Advertisements


Compulsive Gamers Officially ‘Not Addicts’

You might be one of the most dedicated gamers you know, sitting in front of your computer for so many hours that you’ve considered catheterizing yourself and wonder how it’s possible that your skin hasn’t fused to your computer chair. But, even if your compulsion has cost you your job and led your spouse or […]

Sixense Truemotion 3D System Makes Nintendo’s Wiimote Look Like Junk

Even if the Wiimote was revolutionary when it initially came out, it really can’t compare to the motion-sensing capabilities of Sixense’s new Truemotion 3D system. Check out the video — it’ll blow you away. Rather than using an accelerometer like the Wiimote, the Truemotion system uses a magnetic field to track both of your hands […]

Wednesday Geeky Pics: Geeky Tattoos

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] This week’s pics examine the ultimate in permanent geek cred: the geeky tattoo. A love/hate relationship with HTML:

The Guild Teams Up with Microsoft for Season 2

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] The Guild, the MMORPG-themed web series spearheaded by geek goddess Felicia Day, is gearing up for its second season. However, rather than new episodes airing on YouTube, they will be showing up exclusively on XBox Live, Zune, and MSN Video. That’s right, they’re teaming up with Microsoft, which is […]

iPhone Ocarina: Geekiest Musical Instrument Ever

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] In a fit of boredom I decided to try out a bunch of iPhone apps yesterday, and have decided that Ocarina is a keeper. This is one of those concepts that really makes me wonder what the developer was thinking: (1) let’s turn the iPhone into a wind instrument […]

WOW: Ozzy Osbourne is NOT the Prince of Darkness

After Mr. T’s Night Elf Mohawk, William Shatner’s shaman, and Verne Troyer’s Mage, Blizzard has hired Ozzy Osbourne to play the role of the “wannabe” prince of darkness in their latest WOW commercial. Check it out.

World of Warcraft: 1; Moderation: 0

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] A 15 year old Swedish boy collapsed after playing World of Warcraft (following the release of the new expansion pack) for 24 hours straight. He likely had an epileptic seizure. Doctors said that “his system had been weakened by lack of sleep, lack of food and over-concentration.” The boy’s […]