Mirror’s Edge

You’ve probably noticed that we don’t cover video games very often here on [GAS], probably because I’m not very much into them myself right now. But when I saw the upcoming “Mirror’s Edge” title set to be released for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, I couldn’t help but post some in-game footage action. Check […]


Grand Theft Auto and violence: Your honest opinion

Before going any further, I want you guys to listen to the following video. I personally think that we should not let young kids play these games, and that’s exactly why there is an age rating on them. But once someone is old enough to make the difference between “right” and “wrong” and that their […]

Fight with a lightsaber on the Nintendo Wii!

By Mark O’Neill September 16th is when all true Star Wars fanatics are going to totally lose it. LucasArts has announced that this will be the date when the Nintendo Wii game, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, will be released. What’s so special about this game? This will be the game when you can pick up […]

Mario theme played with RC car and wine bottles

Can you believe that someone actually took the time to fill a bunch of wine bottles with water, line them up in an underground parking lot, and then hit them with an RC car to make them play the Mario theme? Check it out, this is simply amazing. [Via [H]]

Scrabble does a U-turn on Facebook – but no-one is interested

By Mark O’Neill

Real Networks (the same people that gives us the crappy Real Player) is doing their level best to pull the rug from under one of the most popular, if not THE most popular game on Facebook, Scrabulous, despite repeated pledges to save it. But here’s the kicker. No-one seems to be interested in what they’re now offering.

German fans create World of Warcraft armor

By Mark O’Neill I am always amazed at the dedication of fans who are so committed to something that they spend a long time making something to show their love.  Here’s the latest example.  German World of Warcraft fans built the Paladin’s Tier 2 armor, a.k.a the Judgement set. Which means absolutely nothing to me, […]

Tetris on two guitars

By Mark O’Neill If you ever want to disable me and render me motionless, just hand me a game of Tetris and I guarantee I will be there in the same spot for hours. I am a total Tetris nut. I can’t get enough of it. So much so that when I found this guy […]

Zelda: The Movie

When I think that all of this has been made as an elaborate April Fool’s prank, I can only shake my head in disbelief at the lengths IGN went to to make everybody think that this was the real deal.