Has Tower Defense Evolved?

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] If you’ve ever explored the world of Flash games for any period of time, you’ve probably run across Tower Defense, or “TD” as it’s commonly called.  The premise of the game is to kill all the “creeps” (or monsters) before they get through your maze.  You have towers that shoot […]


Wednesday Geeky Pics: Dungeons & Dragons

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] With this week’s set of geeky pics, we pay homage to that most classic of geek hobbies, the tabletop RPG. Dice and miniatures, maps and DM screens, monster guides and character sheets… let us take a moment to bring these things out of the basement and into the light. […]

Gamers Still Love Their Playstation 2

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Nielson’s 2008 Trend Summary reveals some interesting data in its gaming top ten lists. It seems that despite the fuss over next-gen consoles these past two years, people still spend more time with Playstation 2’s than any other gaming console. Based on usage minutes, the PS2 nearly doubles the […]

New Wii Drives Kid to Insanity

WARNING: Reduce speaker volume before playing As a child, I don’t think I ever freaked out that much over a game console. After a few seconds of apparent indifference, this kid nearly succeeded in busting my eardrums when he started screaming. He almost tops the N64 kid’s performance that dates back a few years… almost, […]

Geeky Marriage Proposal: A Match Made in Halo

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Considering that many people spend almost as much time playing games like Halo and World of Warcraft as they do at work, love matches made in-game are only going to get more common. They may not have made our list of geeky proposals, but Desirai Labrada and John Henry […]

“The Craft of War: BLIND” will “WOW” you!

Being on the Net almost daily searching for new content, I regularly stumble upon game-based fan-created films, and most of the time, they suck real bad. But once in a while, I end up on a real gem, something that just WOWs me with its polish and originality. This is certainly the case with “The […]

Nintendo Faces Wii Lawsuit

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Never since the apparent design decision that only people with giant hands play Xbox has there been such controversy over a videogame controller. But supposedly the Wii controller isn’t just annoying, it’s downright dangerous! … at least, according to a mother in Littleton, Colorado. She’s filed a class-action lawsuit, […]

Acrophobia: The Fear of Acronyms

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] In the late nineties, I was obsessed with the online game Acrophobia, produced by Berkeley Systems, the same guys who put together You Don’t Know Jack. It’s a simple idea for a game: given a seven letter acronymn, you come up with what the letters stand for. Usually there’s […]