Mario Eight Ways

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] The Super Mario Brothers theme song is one of those iconic melodies that most people probably recognize even if they’ve never played the game. It’s fun to hear, fun to play, and makes a pretty good ringtone. I’ve scoured YouTube for the most creative homemade versions of the song, […]


Best Road Sign Hack Ever

What can I say? This is just Brilliant! [Via Gizmodo]

Escape From City 17 – Part One

The Escape From City 17 short film series is an adaptation based on the Half Life computer game saga by Valve Corporation. Filmed guerilla style with no money, no time, no crew, no script, the first two episodes were made from beginning to end on a budget of $500. Episode two is unfortunately not yet […]

Siftables: The amazing toy blocks that think

In the following video, MIT grad student David Merrill demos Siftables — cookie-sized, computerized tiles you can stack and shuffle in your hands. These future-toys can do math, play music, and talk to their friends, too. Is this the next thing in hands-on learning?

Your iPhone Died of Dysentary [Oregon Trail Rumor]

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] If you’re any kind of geek and you’re in my age bracket (18-25), you probably got excited when you read the title of this article.  The Oregon Trail is an iconic game for many young geeks because it was available in schools (something about being educational), fun to play, and a bit […]

Real-Life WOW speak

My MMORPG days are now long over, but a few years ago, I used to spend several hours a day playing Dark Ages of Camelot. However, when my son was born, I just didn’t have the time to play anymore. Did you know that the more you spend time in those games, the more your […]

Rubik’s 360

Professor Erno Rubik is slated to unveil a new puzzle at a German toy industry fair Thursday. The Rubik’s 360 is a series of three nested transparent spheres. There are six colored balls in the center sphere. The goal is to move each to the corresponding color slot on the outer sphere. The zinger is […]

Urban Space Invaders

Oh, I’d love for these guys to hit my building! Ah, they probably wouldn’t be interested in a single family house with only three front windows. OK, it’s an ad, reportedly from DSG in Germany, but I don’t know what they’re advertising. Could be home security, could be peanut butter. [via Gorilla Mask]