The Geek Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts 2010

Love is in the air! Or at least, hearts and flowers and overpriced candy and marketing that plays on your feelings of romantic obligation. But whether you think Valentine’s Day is a good idea or not, if you have a significant other you’re probably celebrating anyway. So if that significant other happens to be a […]

Flash Game: Medieval Rampage 2 – The Realm of Darkness

Fight off hordes of oncoming enemies in this 25 level game containing 20 enemies, 5 bosses, and over 30 weapons/items to choose from. Medieval Rampage 2 also features Survival Mode, Achievements, and a Level Editor to keep you playing for hours! Instructions: Up/Down/Left/Right arrows – Move Space – Health Potion Tab – Bomb CTRL – […]

Game news latest: DS best selling console ever, 250GB Xbox drive, Zelda for Wii

The Wii is now the best selling Nintendo home console, while the DS is the firm’s top selling device of all time. The news comes in an event-filled week for the games industry, with Microsoft confirming a super-sized external drive for the Xbox 360 and a Zelda game for Wii now appearing a cert for […]