Fallout 4: The Deleted Trailer

Fallout 4 is probably the most wanted game in recent memory, and for this reason, we can expect some silly or extra stuff to drop here and there to keep us excited and interested. In this case, Gameranx shows us the deleted trailer (which is actually not a deleted trailer but more a hilarious commentary […]

The 30 Best Games of E3 2015

E3 was a spectacle this year, and very few have walked away from E3 2015 not stunned by something. That show had something for everyone. From Sony’s unbelievable game lineup to Microsoft’s amazing new controller and 3D hologram minecraft, this was the most tech-impressive E3 yet. But what games stood above the crowd as the […]

10 Twisted Vault Experiments You Can Try In ‘Fallout Shelter’

Fallout Shelter has really been keeping people busy while waiting for Fallout 4. And who can blame them? Who doesn’t like some cruel human torture based on sociology experiments? That is basic fun for all! And that is just what Fallout Shelter is as well (if you want it to be). The more people who […]

Sonic the Hedgehog in Real Life [Video]

From The Watercooler: We wanted to see if all hedgehogs were as speedy as Sonic so we created an extremely high-budget replica of the classic SEGA game. [The Watercooler]

Batman: Arkham Knight Available Tomorrow! Here’s the Launch Trailer! [Video]

Be Vengeance. Be the Night. Be the Batman. Order Batman: Arkham Knight on Amazon.com. [Batman: Arkham Knight]

Geek Spends 6 Years Crocheting This Epic Super Mario Bros. 3 Map Rug [Pics]

Kjetil N., A programmer from Norway, spent around 800 hours over the past 6 years to crochet this amazing Super Mario Bros. 3 World 1 rug. Beautiful, isn’t it? Apparently, even the colors of the yarn is game accurate! [Source: AlexKingshill – Reddit]

‘Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain’ The Most Realistic Dog In Gaming Yet

Sorry, but all this one takes is a gif. I like how Snake feels obligated to look over. It’s the little touches. Well done, Kojima. Well done. But that ponytail, though…..Ugh. (Via Kotaku)

The 10 Best New Games at E3 2015

Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. And Last Guardian. As you will see, the above list is a great deal more open-minded and actually picked ten DIFFERENT games from E3 2015 to make you drool. I won’t say someone “won”, but I will […]

Nintendo’s Visual Timeline Of Their Upcoming Game Releases

Really, you just need to print it to scale, stick it on your bedroom wall, and start waiting. (Via Kotaku)

Link’s Secret Weapon [Comic]

If you’re reading this from the front page, hit the “read more” link below for the rest of the comic!

Fallout 3 Gets the “Honest Game Trailer” Treatment [Video]

From the studio who makes one good game two different ways comes the best Fallout game of all time… unless you count New Vegas… or the first two. Fallout 3! [Smosh Games]

Word is ‘Fallout: Shelter’ is Damn Addictive!

When I heard there was a new Fallout game besides 4 we could play RIGHT NOW, I got kind of excited. Then, when I saw it, I was far less excited. It just didn’t FEEL like a Fallout game. It had the look, but didn’t seem the same to me and I was kinda thrown […]