Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Official Gamescom 2016 Trailer

I swear to God, not even being a troll here, I thought I was watching the Wind Waker trailer the first time I saw Oceanhorn, and I know I am not the only one. From the lush visuals to even the theme they play while the character is on that awfully familiar boat, it all […]


Dog Plays Real Life Pacman [Video]

In the first of what’s planned to be a series of game videos, a dog takes on a real-life maze full of balloon “pellets” while avoiding paddle “ghosts”…

Overwatch Drops Sudden Death, Expands Rankings

Overwatch is getting a revamp of its competitive online mode. There’ll be no more sudden death and the rankings system is being tweaked to be more informative about a player’s level. The changes will take effect in the second “season” of competitive play. One big difference is to the scoring for rankings. For season one, […]

Amazing Merida Cosplay

This is renowned cosplayer  小柔SeeU dressing as Merida from Brave. Click through for more pics and be sure to check out her Twitter account for more from this and other costumes.

Batman Arkham VR Trailer Including Game Footage [Video]

The first full trailer for the game, which coming in October, shows both (very brief) game footage and player reactions. The big downside, though, is that according to Game Tyrant it’s going to be more of a low-cost “experience” product than a full-fledged major game.

Deal of the Day: Save BIG on Computer and Gaming Accessories (Keyboards + Mice, Computer Backpacks, Gaming Headsets, and MORE!)

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon is offering some great deals on various computer and gaming accessories such as various keyboard, mice, computer backpacks (including messenger bag,) gaming headsets, and a lot more! –Save BIG on Computer Accessories Other Deals –Up to 60% Off Luggage, Backpacks & More –Save 35% on iOttie […]

Gamer Problems Then & Now [Comic]

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Spotify’s New Gaming Portal Is Awesome (and Long Overdue)

Video game music is awesome (as any gamer can attest to) and in many ways, trumps even big budget movies for the genuine emotions they can invoke in the player. But to listen to game soundtracks you would have to play the game or buy the actual soundtrack on disc (which was not always easy […]