The Most Amazing “League of Legends” Cosplay Photos You’ll See Today [Picture Gallery]


Another great photo by the always amazing Lexa One! And have you seen those costumes? They’re just perfect!!! Featuring Yaya Han as Arcade Miss Fortune, Henchmen Props as Classic Lee Sin, and Vickybunnyange as Arcade Sona. Arcade Miss Fortune: Yaya Han Classic Lee sin: Henchmen Props Arcade Sona: Vickybunnyangel Photo by Lexa One Photographie

The Skyrim Theme (Dragonborn) Performed on Wine Glasses [Video]


A fantastic cover of the Skyrim theme performed on wine glasses by Youtuber Dan Newbie. Check it out! [Dan Newbie]

10 Interesting and Little-Known Facts about Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) [Infographic]


Here are 10 interesting and little-known facts about Super Mario Bros 3 for the Nes as compiled by Redditor TestZero. If you’re reading this from the front page, I’ve included the 9 other facts after the “read more” link below.

Psycho Soup: An Awesome Musical “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel” Remix by Pogo [Video]


I haven’t heard anything this good from POGO in a long time! From POGO: Psycho Soup is a track I made using sounds from the Borderlands games and original music I created with Sylenth1 in Ableton Live. I spent around 4 weeks extracting sounds from the game files, applying hacks to the game to disable […]

Epic Electric Guitar Cover of Megaman X5: X vs Zero [Video]


An awesome guitar battle from the X vs Zero theme song of Megaman X5. Enjoy! [Epic Guitar]



…and that’s why the moon landing was faked. Borderlands for the win! [Dorkly]

Beach Suit Samus [Comic]


[Comic by: The John Su | Like The John Su on Facebook | Via]

It’s True: Destiny and Phantasy Star Online Are the Same Game


[Source: MikeyJayRaymond on Reddit]

Dark Souls: The Honest Game Trailer [Video]


The most frustrating game franchise ever: Dark Souls. From Smosh Games: In a world where new games are as easy as you want them to be, one franchise dares to return to gaming’s roots – it’s frustrating, rage inducing roots. From “From Software” comes Dark Souls. [Smosh Games]

Firefly Online: 3D Environment Engine Sneak Peek [Video]


Check out this quick Firefly Online 3d environment engine sneap peek, which was unveiled at NYCC 2014 this weekend. From Firefly Online: What you’re seeing in this video is *not* a cinematic. It is a live recording of the Firefly Online 3D Environment Engine at work, which creates the encounter maps for the game. This […]

Amazing 3D King Hippo Chalk Art [Time-Lapse Video]


Watch as artist Chris Carlson brings King Hippo from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! to life via chalk art. [Awe Me]