Nuke This: 10 Fallout Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

I know you are all as obsessed with the Fallout series as I am, so finding lists like to share are pure gold. For many of us, we believe we are fully schooled on the Fallout universe, and this list proves this universe is massive and fully realized and even the most informed of us […]

The Biggest Changes in Windows 10 For Gamers

I, myself, just put Windows 10 on my computer last night, and so far, pretty happy. But have no way of knowing what it can do yet, as all I have done is woken up and gone to work (here). But I have been quite curious to see what this OS would do to my […]

Star Wars Battlefront 3: Darth Vader Gameplay Trailer

It may be only ten seconds long, but ten seconds is all you need when you are realizing you will be playing as the most badass bad guy of all time. [Star Wars Battlefront | Via E3 Trailers]

New Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Trailer (Fighter Squadron Mode) [Video]

For fans of the epic Star Wars™ scenes with Rebel and Imperial ships facing off in intense dogfights, Fighter Squadron is the ultimate Star Wars™ Battlefront™ game mode. Now, you can witness this airborne action in the Fighter Squadron gameplay trailer. Stick around to the end. You’ll find it’s full of surprises. Featuring iconic Rebel […]

Dark Souls 3: All The Nopes in the World

Um, must have taken a wrong turn back there. Just gonna retrace my steps and GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. Note, this is from Dark Souls 3. And here’s a gameplay video that was recently presented at Gamescom 2015. (HT Reddit, Via Imgur)

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 75% off on over 200 Video Game Titles from SEGA

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers up to 75% off on over 200 video games from Sega, including many classics such as various games from the Sonic franchise, stragegy games, some great shoot em ups, and a lot more! [Up to 75% off on over 200 Video Game Titles from SEGA]

Iron Man Wreaks Havoc in GTA V [Video]

An Iron Man mod in GTA V that adds the Mark III armor to the game. Boom. [GTA X Scripting]

Fantastic Portal Fan Film: Portal Combat [Video]

A fantastic Portal-inspired fan film made by the folks over at Film Riot. [Film Riot] The folks over at HitFilms make some pretty awesome low-budget videos showcasing some rather impressive VFX knowledge. This one from earlier this month was a funny video spoofing Valve’s popular Portal series called “Portal Combat.” I’ve seen a lot of […]

MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey is a MASSIVE Pokemon Nerd [Video]

This video is about a year old, but I’ve somehow missed it when it was released, and hearing Ronda Rousey discuss her Pokemon obsession with such passion really surprised me, so here you go, that’s why I’m posting it anyway. Ronda Rousey broke down her love of Pokemon, how it began, her favorite versions, how […]

Zoinks: Scooby Doo Intro Remade With GTA 5

You know how sometimes the internet is exactly what it should be? This example of someone modding out GTA 5 so they could make an almost shot for shot remake of the opening of Scooby Doo is exactly one of those things. The internet used for its absurd best. [H/T to Reddit, Via BTZ]

LEGO Dimensions: Story Trailer

Wait a damn second here? Did I just see Batman in Middle Earth? Um, this may be the greatest game ever, and this is coming from me just seeing the trailer. This is so good I am gonna be waiting for days for someone to tell me it’s a prank or a fake trailer. I […]

Sure, After You: Horror Game Logic

Sure, looks super inviting. Heck, give me five minutes and I’ll throw together some E-vites and see if some friends wanna come by and throw a party in there, it looks THAT inviting. Game logic at its finest. (Via Imgur)