Top 5 Todd Howard (Fallout + Elder Scrolls) Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

For those who don’t know, Todd Howard is the creative force behind Bethesda. You know, the guy who helped make that Fallout game you have been playing for two weeks straight now? The man is very well known in geek circles, but here are 5 facts about Todd Howard we bet you didn’t know. [Gameranx]

Where To Find the Alien Blaster in ‘Fallout 4’

Any TRUE Fallout fan knows the alien blaster is the best weapon in the game. One hit kill on anything. Limited ammo, but so worth it. And you wanna know where this badass gun is located in Fallout 4? Check out the video above for the answer! [Kotaku]

Rick and Morty Meet Fallout 4

Some awesome Imgur user made this, and it makes my soul smile in about a thousand ways. Question is, can we create their likeness in the character creator? Now THAT would be badass. Also, +1000 points for Mr Meeseeks. That is what pushes this from good fan art into stellar.

Dorkly Comic: Fallout 4: 1 Hour In VS 30 Hours in

Yep, that about sums it up. A comic by Julia Lepetit from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

It Is Not A Good Time To Be A Student and a Geek Right Now

All parents should get a copy of this meme with their kid’s next semesters report card so they at least understand. (imgur)

The Biggest Problem with Fallout 4 [Comic] [Very Minor Spoiler]

Warning: Very minor spoiler. I don’t know about you guys, but this is one of the things that I find really disappointing with Fallout 4. Yes, the game totally ROCKS, but the generic missions from “The Brotherhood of Steel” and “The Railroad” are just always the same. Yes, it’s only a minor part of the […]

How to Survive a Real-Life “Fallout”

From the American Chemical Society: It’s a big week for gamers now that the long-anticipated Fallout 4 video game is out. The series takes place in a world decades after nuclear war has destroyed most of civilization. Only those who hid in fallout shelters survived. While this idea works in a fictional game universe, could […]

Attention Whovians: This Black Ops 3 is Easter Egg is REALLY Creepy [Video]

For those of you who play Black Ops 3, load the map called “NUK3TOWN” and them shoot all of the Mannequins arms off in under 2 minutes. If you’ve ever watched Doctor Who, this should totally freak you out! :) [TheHiddenBlade01]

Honest Game Trailer: Borderlands [Video]

From the developer of some of the worst franchise reboots the world has ever known comes the reason gearbox is still allowed to make video games. [Smosh Games]

Star Wars: Battlefront – Review

So with all the talk being about Fallout 4, people have forgotten to ask. Is Stars Wars Battlefront as good as it looks? Yes and no… but mostly yes. See for yourself. Buy Star Wars: Battlefront on (GT Reviews)

When Breaking Bad Meets Fallout 4

Breaking Bad and Fallout 4. Two great tastes that taste great together. Don’t you just love how the character creation process in the game allows you to make you character look like pretty much anyone? (Imgur)

Fallout 4 Mythbusters [Video]

Youtuber Defendthehouse is testing five Fallout 4 myths to see if they’re true or not. More episodes from this series will be coming soon! [DefendTheHouse]