Amazon Deal of the Day: Save $50 on Xbox One Consoles + Save 40% Off or More on PC Games


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers $50 off on Xbox One consoles, which also include Assassin’s Creed Unity bundled with the system. –Save $50 on Xbox One Consoles –Save 40% Off or More on PC Games

Beautiful Violin Cover of the Dr. Wily’s Castle Theme (Mega Man 2) by Taylor Davis [Video]


A beautiful cover of the Dr. Wily’s Castle theme (Mega Man 2) by the always amazing Taylor Davis. [Taylor Davis]

If Diablo III Disappointed You, You Have to Check Out LostArk [Game Trailer]


Diablo III was ok (just barely,) but if LostArk is anything like what we see in the trailer above, the Korean hack & slash MMORPG should be AMAZING. The gameplay starts at 1:50 in the video, but be sure to watch the whole thing, the trailer truly looks beautiful. [LostArk | Via]

Pianist Performs the Tetris Theme on Awesome Custom Pinball Game Piano [Video]


Watch as internationally recognized, award winning Composer & Pianist Sonya Belousova plays the Tetris theme (Korobeiniki) on a custom pinball game piano. Please note that you can win this piano by contributing to the Player Piano Crowdfunding campaign. Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Tetris with Sonya Belousova’s amazing arrangement of Korobeiniki – also widely known […]

Blood-sucking Gaming Peripheral Seems Unlikely Pitch


Two Kickstarter users are looking for funding for a peripheral that turns spilling blood in a video game into a reality. It’s dubious, to say the least, that it’s a serious proposition. Blood Sport is described as a hacked version of a rumble pack that uses an Arduino controller to track when your character is wounded […]

Games of Thrones Video Game Trailer Released [Video]


Here’s the first trailer for the initial instalment of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. It sounds like a similar concept to the Walking Dead series, based around a combination of point-and-click and conversation trees. It’ll be a six-part series, with choices you make in one instalment affecting the events of future instalments when you […]

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – ALL ABOUT THAT ACE (A Meghan Trainor Parody) [Video]


All About That Ace: A League of Legends-themed “All About That Base” parody by the folks over at The Warp Zone. Starring: –Katie Wilson – Ashe –Missyeru – Sona –Vensy – MissFortune –Shimezu – Riven –Meisha Mock – Nidalee [The Warp Zone]

GOAT Simulator Gets Medieval MMO Expansion! [Video]


8 months after its initial launch, the developers of the revolutionary GOAT simulator are releasing a patch that will transform the game into a MMO, giving you the ability to play as 5 classes, including one that transforms you into a microwave that walks. Goat MMO Simulator is a free expansion for Goat Simulator. It […]

15 Hilarious Game Reviews by Video Game Store Employees


Some of the funniest game reviews by employees of JB Hi-Fi, Australia’s largest home entertainment retailer. If you’re reading this from the front page, hit the “read more” link below to view the rest of the reviews.

Superheroes Fight Against Video Game Heroes for the Tessaract [Video]


A fight putting Ash Ketchum, Alyx Vance, Master Chief and Minecraft Steve against Thor, Captain America and Wolverine for the control of the Tessaract. [CorridorDigital]

Recent First Person Shooters in a Nutshell [Pic]


Yep, a few years ago it was all bows and arrows, and now, all jetpacks. Jetpacks are awesome. Jetpacks solve everything. [Via Memebase]

Dorkly Comic: 5 Reasons Winter Is Just Like a Bethesda Game


5 Reasons Winter Is Just Like a Bethesda Game: A comic by Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]