The Witchar: Wicked Hunt (When Gerald Enters the Friend Zone) [Parody]

This might be a parody, but it resumes the game quite well. It’s still my favorite game of 2015 so far however! Warning: Language. [Bitter Strike! Cartoons]

Gaming Harassment Comes From Losers: Official

It’s no secret that some online video gamers make hostile and harassing comments over voice chat. A new study suggest that men who do so against women are, quite literally, a bunch of losers. The researchers found a clear link between how well a player performed in a game of Halo 3 and how likely […]

The Best of Us: When “The Last of Us” Meets McGuyver [Video]

Because “crafting” stuff is a somehow important part of “The Last of Us,” here’s a fan film that mashes up the video game with the spirit of McGuyver. [Fury Fingers]

Honest Trailer: The Super Mario Bros. Movie [Video]

You grew up with the game. Now relive the movie adaptation of Super Mario Brothers – the video game movie that proved that no one should ever make video game movies. [Screen Junkies]

Damn Deathclaws: Some Decisions In Fallout Are Just That Difficult

Hmmm, should I face this gaggle of Deathclaws, or just leap from this cliff and die? As you can see by the player’s decisions, Deathclaws are pretty scary. (Via Imgur)

It Looks Like Link Finally Beat That Massive, Canine Boss Fight

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well then, this one is worth two thousand, it is that awesome. Link took that thing out, no issue. [Via Imgur]

7 Crazy Japanese Games We Should All Know About

There are video games, and then there are Japanese video games. What is the difference, you ask? What makes Japanese games so far removed from their western counterparts? Genuine, awesome, unbridled insanity. [Via Zoomin.TV.Games]

Star Wars Commander: Worlds in Conflict Game Trailer

A Star Wars phone game with micro-transactions? Oh man, say it ain’t, so. That name screamed RTS. I sense the Sith behind this… (Via Gamespot)

6 Cruel Things We’ve All Done In Video Games

Sometimes, when it comes to video games, playing evil and doing cruel things can be fun. Most of us (I assume) are good people in real life, and sometimes being a dickwad in a video game is the best way to get those feelings out without it taking a toll on an actual person. Here […]

Fallout 4 Voice Actors: 13,000 Lines of Dialogue Across Two Years

  All you Fallout 4 nuts out there, things just got nuttier. Seems they’ve been working on this massive beast for years behind closed doors without it leaking anywhere: “We were lucky to find two great voice actors, and it’s interesting because she may read things or act things differently than he does. So scenes […]

5 Games That Scream Freedom and Punch Evil in the Face (or Something)

I just saw the title of this video and knew I needed to share it with the Sexy Geeks, so here you go. It is all “Amuricaaaaaaaa” and stuff, so it fits in with the theme of freedom and July 4th weekend or something. Editor’s note: I was supposed to publish this on the fourth […]

Brace Yourselves: Top 5 N.E.S Games of All Time

I would find making a list like this impossible. The top five N.E.S games of all time? How do you even decide? Well, thankfully, someone else did for me. [Via Zoomin.TV.Games]