Cats vs. Laser: FIGHT! [Video]


Filmed with the GoPro HD Hero 2 in 720p and 60 fps. I put the camera inside a tissue box and attached a laser pointer on top of it. Shoe laces were tied to the laser pointer, which allowed me to move the box around. [GoPro HD HERO2 | TTCdirecktor]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 45% Off Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 – $27.27 + Free Shipping


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 for just $27.27 plus free shipping. That’s 45% off the keyboard and mouse set’s usual retail price of $49.95. And if you’re looking for something that is slightly more high-end, you can get the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 for […]

25% of Google Play Apps Are Dodgy [Infographic]

bit9 copy

It’s one of those things that Apple fans love to lord over the PC-lovers and, more recently, the Android-lovers. Viruses and malware. Apple just seems to get fewer. It probably has to do with the fact that the Google Play system is a lot more open than the Apple App Store. With all the good […]

What do you think of the iPad Mini Ad?

Screen Shot 2012-11-03 at 5.03.32 PM

Say what you want about Apple, they’re pretty good at marketing their stuff. They’ve had a pretty good recipe of clean white backgrounds to showcase the product being advertised and a carefully crafted voice-over making the features sound like conversation pieces. They kinda make the tech a talking piece – which isn’t an entirely bad […]

50% Off Belkin Cinema Folio Case with Stand for New Apple iPad (Also Fits iPad 2) – $24.99


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Belkin Cinema Folio Case with Stand for the New Apple iPad 3rd Generation (Also fits the iPad 2) for just $24.99. That’s 50% off the case’s regular retail price of $49.99. Enhance your entertainment experience by finding the angle that’s just right for you. […]

One Tablet Per Child boosts literacy


You might assume that children can learn something from using tech devices, but it’s hard to isolate the results from other education and life influences. But the man behind the One Laptop Per Child program says he found encouraging results by running a semi-controlled experiment in two Ethiopian villages. Nicholas Negroponte (pictured) first reported the […]

Google Expands Its Empire Into The Music World


Google gets ready to piss Apple off (some more) and takes on iTunes. Oh, and Amazon too. Google actually launched its music service last November, but it hasn’t really taken off. In fact, since major label Warner Music was holding out, the whole thing was hampered by a lack of good music. That has now changed, […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 62% Off GOgroove audiOHM Earbuds – $9.99


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has these GOgroove audiOHM Earbuds with Interchangeable Noise-Reduction Silicon Ear Pieces for just $9.99. That’s 62% off the earbuds’ usual retail price of $25.99. The Retro Blue audiOHM Earbuds featuring AP Noise-Isolation and SonusMAX Technology deliver crystal-clear, uninterrupted audio. Enclosed within the audiOHM are Neodymium Magnetic […]

Mother Nature Gave Birth to a Keyboard


In a world where ‘modern design’ usually involves glass and polymers, Robbie Tilton was sick of nature being left out in the cold. For those glued to their desks and missing a little greenery in their lives, allow us to introduce you to the “Natural Keyboard”. Tilton went through a lot of effort to figure […]

Apple: Samsung didn’t rip us off (oh, and they suck)


Apple has complied with a British court’s demand that it publicly admit the Samsung Galaxy Tab doesn’t rip-off the iPad (according to the UK legal system at least.) But the way it’s done is a masterclass of making the best of a bad situation. As we noted in July, although Apple has had some court […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 53% Off Sirius XM Onyx Dock-and-Play Radio with Car Kit – $37.99 + Free Shipping


Today only, get the Sirius XM Onyx Dock-and-Play Radio with Car Kit for just $37.99 plus free shipping. That’s over 50% off the radio’s usual list price of $79.99. With the XM onyX, it’s easy to enjoy Satellite Radio in any vehicle. Do-It-Yourself Installation with PowerConnect is quick and effortless: Just plug it into your […]

Google Tells Execs to Take a Hike

We’ve heard lots of tales of staff at tech companies being allowed to use “breakout rooms” with all manner of beanbags and foosball tables to promote creative thinking. But most companies would draw the line at spending your working day going off for a hike. Not Google, where two executives are among those who’ve been […]