Zombie Clock


Is it BRAIIIN time yet? The perfect clock for zombie lovers, dead or alive. [Zombie Clock]

Levitating Light Bulb [Video]


Wireless power transfer system + magnets + light bulb = WIN! [ChrisRieger1]

Life-Size Lego Forest

LEGO Forest 3

To celebrate the 50th year since the first LEGO block landed on their chunk of the world, Australia is going all out with a year-long “Festival of Play.” They’ve got a whole heap of activities going on for the celebrations, mostly based in Sydney, including an awesome complete LEGO brick scale model of Rome’s Colosseum! […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 70% Off MiniSuit Microfiber Leather Case Cover for the new iPad, iPad 3, iPad 2 – $14.95


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has a MiniSuit Microfiber Leather Case Cover for the new iPad, iPad 3, iPad 2 for just $14.95. That’s 70% off the case’s usual retail price of $49.95. Introducing MiniSuit’s newest Microfiber Slim Jacket Case for The New iPad 3 (iPad 3rd Generation). This 2-in-1 case […]

Roachbot: Now with iOS controls


Designed for all those horrible people who want to mess with those of us a little bit terrified of the insect famous for never freaking dying (even though they’re actually rather harmless), the Roachbot is a remote controlled cockroach from Japan. And I suppose it’s been popular enough that it has warranted an “upgrade” to […]

Call on the Dark Knight Yourself!


Ever had a problem so impossible to solve that you are sure if superheroes existed, then you would definitely be a candidate for their attention? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’m sure we have all been there. Well now you can try your luck with Batman, calling for […]

Geeky Apple Merch…from 1986 [Pics]


This might just be why geeks weren’t considered quite as sexy in 1986 as they are in the 21st century. Aren’t the kiddies just the cutest?! I still would have totally worn this back then though…I mean come on. [Via Technology Digital]

E-Cigarette Sparks Terror Alert


Electronic cigarettes are billed as being healthier for the lungs and other organs. But for one user of the device — and dozens of people nearby — it turned out to have some unwelcome effects on the heart rate. Armed police closed Britain’s M6 toll road motorway (equivalent to a US expressway) yesterday morning and […]

Google’s Project Glass Moving Forward


At Google’s I/O conference the giant company offered developers the chance to be the first to get their hands on the revolutionary Project Glass augmented reality devices in a Glass Explorer edition. The glasses are pretty incredible tech with some really intriguing possibilities, changing the way we share our personal experiences. From creating more realistic […]

Apple pays $60 million for “iPad”


Apple has agreed to pay $60 million for the rights to use the name iPad inChina. It could have been a lot worse however: the payment settled a lawsuit claiming $1.6 billion. The case came about because the Chinese firm Proview registered the name iPad (or rather IPAD) in 2000. Apple doesn’t dispute that Proview […]

For the Athletic BatGeek


For those who aren’t quite into the juvenile fun of the batpack and who might be searching for a less “out-there” way to express their love of the Dark Knight. This hoodie is pretty toned down, while still quite prominently bat-geeky. It’s a perfect balance of the preppy-chic and the sexy geek no? [$49.50-53.50 from […]