Batarang Pocket Knife


Perhaps you can get one to go with your pistol USB? It even comes in all these sparkly colours! Ok, so not sparkly but they’re bright! [Get one from Amazon, starting at $7.80 | Via Geek Alerts]

Geek Fun in Bed [Pics]


If you were expecting something raunchy, I’m sorry, you’ll be a bit disappointed. If you’re expecting something awesome – you’re in luck! Check out these cute cushions that pay tribute to the legends of gaming past, present and…well mostly past. I love that she’s gone down to ZX and NES too…I miss them. If you […]

Geektastically Cute Toys! [Pics]

zombie donald

These things are just adorable! GAS fan Rich messaged us about the toys he makes, suggesting we “might like” them. I love them! They’ve got a very Tim Burton feel donchya think? These are just a few of my favourites, check out more in his Flickr stream and on his blog, Ume Toys.

Belt Buckle Pays Homage to “Zombies! Feast” Series

zombies belt buckle

Do you find you often have zombies on the “brain”? Then this belt buckle is for you!…or someone you love (to eat)! The buckle pays homage to the first issue of the “Zombies! Feast” series. And at less than $20, you have no excuse not to order yours now! [Via Zombie Gift]

USB Pistol


The clip has an 8 gig capacity so not only will you be carrying around an awesome amount of data in style, but you’ll also be able to fool anyone who tries to mug you on the way back from your late-night DnD sess. Another one bytes the dust. Too much? [$14.99 on Amazon | […]

Remote Controlled iPads on Segways

Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 2.33.01 PM

This seems like one of those things that could be really useful, or could make us ever so fatter. Startup company in California, Double Robotics has decided that they want to revolutionise video conferencing with their product they’ve simply named “Double”. They’ve created this little mobile iPad stand that can be remote-controlled via an iPhone, iPad, […]

Pac-Man Pint Glasses


I would never stop using them. They’re too damned cool! You get a set of 4 16oz pint glasses made of heavy duty glassware. I want so bad. [$34.95 from Neatoshop | $27.97 from Amazon (only 10 in stock at time of writing!) | Via GeekAlerts]

The “Giger Counter”: A Geiger Counter Inspired by H.R. Giger


Phil Plait made an alien joke in a tweet (“If I ever go to an alien planet, I’m bringing a Giger counter.”) which sparked the inspiration of one Steve D. to build a geiger counter as H.R. Giger might see it (that’s the guy who did the design work for Alien, for the less alien-movie-geeky among […]

Level Up with New ‘Nintendo’ Monopoly Edition [Pics]

Nintendo Monopoly

First, we brought you the ‘World of Warcraft’ edition of Monopoly. Now, the classic board game has gone “old school” with the ‘Nintendo’ edition! Buy yours today! [Via HiConsumption]

“Allons-y!” to the Altar with TARDIS Engagement Ring [Pic]


Pathetic Paripatetic makes this TARDIS-inspired ring, normally using only diamonds, but he’ll add sapphires to complete the phone box look, if you or your lady desires. Email for pricing information and availability. [Via Geekologie]

Apple & Samsung told to talk out their problems

The judge hearing the intellectual property case between Apple and Samsung has pleaded with the two firms to make one last attempt at reaching a settlement. Lucy Koh (pictured) warned both sides that letting a jury decide was effectively a crapshoot. As we’ve previously covered, this is one of the rare cases where one of […]

Apple Does Fall Far in Mississippi


Mississippi residents are most likely to break an iPhone or iPad according to newly published figures. The figures come from Square Trade, a company that offers extended warranty policies for electronic devices. They take population into account and represent the expected proportion of policyholders making an accidental damage claim over a two year period. The […]