Automower: The incredible lawn-mowing robot

Since summer is quickly approaching, and since we northerners haven’t seen anything green for the past five months, I thought a post reminding us of warmer temperatures would be appreciated. A Swedish-based corporation named Husqvarna just released what many will consider the perfect lawnmower. Not only does it mow your lawn without any human intervention, […]

Want to play God? Hold the Milky Way in the palm of your hand

I don’t usually fall for useless desktop accessories, but when I saw this 3D Living World model of the Milky Way, my brain started trying to convince me that I couldn’t live without one. Each 12 X 12 cm glass cube is created using real space data collected from Japan’s National Astronomical Observatory and holds […]

Silver TAG $100,000 Shower will wipe your butt clean in no time

If you think that your “working-class” shower isn’t quite as effective as you’d like it to be, then you’ll want to have a look at the $100,000 Silver TAG Shower. This baby comes equipped with 18 computer-controlled showerheads, including one that looks to be specially made to clean dirty derrières, and features six zones, which […]

Magnetic Levitation Haptic Control Technology

Researchers at Carnegie mellon University’s Robotics Institute are currently developing a magnetic levitation system that they claim provides the most realistic sense of touch yet to be seen on similar devices. Possible applications include microsurgery, computer-augmented design, robot control, and even data visualization. Haptics is the study of touching, and haptic technology refers to that […]