Google to serve ads, come shine or rain


If you think the smarts of your smartphone are more for other people’s benefit than your own, you’re not going to like Google’s latest idea: handset sensors that exist to target advertising based on your environmental conditions. The company has joined Microsoft (remotes that charge you to skip commercials) and Nokia (vibrating tattoos to indicate […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 60% Off Transcend 32 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card – $23.99


For today’s edition of Deal of the day, Amazon has a Transcend 32 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card for the very low price of just $23.99. That’s 60% off the card’s usual retail price of $59.99. The perfect memory card to go along with your favorite mobile or portable gadget. –Transcend 32 GB microSDHC Flash […]

For the Geeky Ladies: Boba Fett Purse [Picture]


While this deliciously geeky receptacle has already been nabbed, Catherine Penfold-Waxman makes some other gorgeous geeky girl wear so you might want to check it out. [Source: Catherine Penfold-Waxman – Flickr – Etsy]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle (HALO Reach + Fable III) – $249.99 + Free Shipping


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon is selling their Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle for just $249.99 plus free shipping! If you are looking to get an Xbox 360 console with a decent-sized hard drive, now might be the right time to get one. And if you want the bundle that […]

Use Your iPhone to Control your PC while Gaming


For all you PC-gamers, hardware tweakers and media junkies, there is a new App in development that promises to give you control over your computer through your iPod/iPhone (and soon Android and Windows Phones) and compliment your gaming in new and creative ways. The app is called Power-Grid by German PC Gaming accessory company Roccat. […]

Play Games and Increase Brain Power with Lumosity!

12.03.19 - Play Games and Increase Brain Power1

I went to visit my Aunty the other day and when I walked into the house one of her young children, aged 11, announced, “Look Mum! I reached Level 7!” So I got curious, Level 7 on what? Then my Aunty launched into an explanation of this website – Lumosity. This site was built by […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Transcend 32 GB Compact Flash Card 400X – $51.99 + Free Shipping


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Transcend 32 GB Compact Flash Card 400X for just $51.99 plus free shipping. That’s 42% off the card’s usual retail price of $88.94. Dedicated to fulfill the demanding requirements of performance-conscious photographers, Transcend proudly releases its Extreme 400X CompactFlash cards. With its amazing performance […]

Intel Invites Thai People To Unleash Violence for New Notebook


What you’re about to see is what Intel calls a “social experiment” to see just what people are ready to do to get their hands on the manufacturer’s new ultrabook. So they had a team travel to Bangkok to put one of their ultrabooks on display inside a special case, along with a punching bag-type […]

Chocolate…in Dinosaur Shape!

12.03.14 - Chocolate…in Dinosaur Shape

I’m pretty sure that chocolates like these would entertain me for hours. When I’m done creating little stories about the wonderful world of Littlefoot at the gang, I’ll just pop em in my mouth. Yummy Petrie… (Bonus points if you get the reference!) Made in Italy, these molds can be used in an oven, microwave […]

Hey Dad, Do You Like That New iPad We Gave You as a Present? [Video]


Daughter: Dad, I meant to ask you, how do you get along with the new iPad that we gave? you as a birthday present? Dad: Good. Daughter: You also get along with all those apps? Dad: What apps? Can you please move a little bit …. so ….. What? [Via]

Own Malcolm Reynold’s Sidearm [Replica]


A replica of Firefly/Serenity’s Malcolm Reynold’s personal sidearm is now available for pre-order online and is exptected to ship by April this year. While this is not an authorized replica, [Correction – Fully Authorized] it is crafted from the original mold of the stunt pistol Nathan Fillion carried around. A lot of work went into […]