Amazon Deal of the Day: 61% Off OtterBox Universal Defender Case for iPhone 4 – $19.29

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the OtterBox Universal Defender Case for iPhone 4 for just $19.29. That’s 61% off the case’s usual retail price of 49.95. Please note that this case is not compatible with the white iPhone 4. Your iPhone 4 has become a big part of your life. […]

Epic Viking Helmet Features RGB LED Mohawk

OMG! This is the perfect helmet for everyone’s favorite online celebrity of olden: The Technoviking! A friend sprung this project on us at nearly the last minute…he wanted a light-up mohawk on his Viking helmet. Fortunately he already had the helmet, and we already had plenty of LEDs and raw materials. [Source: | Via]

Apple “loses” iPhone 5; tech world disbelieving

An Apple employee has lost a prototype of the next generation of iPhone in a California bar. And if that sounds familiar, you’re might be forgiven for being a little cynical. The story this time comes from CNet which reports the handset was lost in San Francisco’s Cava 22 (pictured via Google Street View), a […]

Sony brings 3D cinema to your eyeballs

Take any consumer entertainment concept, add in the words “3D”, and you’ve got a 21st century gadget. Well, that seems to be the logic in Sony’s latest release. Over the years there have been plenty of gadgets that boil down to sticking some sort of display in a pair of spectacles or a helmet and […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 38% Off JLab’s WAVE 100% Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones – $49.95

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has Jlab’s WAVE 100% Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones for just $49.95 – 38% off the headphones’ usual retail price of $79.95. The perfect addition to your work out bag, the WAVE’s ergonomic, cord-free design is ideal for swimmers, cyclists, runners, triathletes, walkers, hikers, water and snow […]

Extending battery life is a walk in the park


University of Wisconsin researchers have come up with a way of converting human motion into energy to power a smartphone. But they say a commercial model is years away. While the principle of using kinetic energy from a person walking to power a device has been explored in the past, Tom Krupenkin and Ashley Taylor […]

Zombie Doorstop


This may not put a stop to the Zombie invasion, but at least it’ll keep boredom at bay! Behold the Zombie Doorstop from the NeatoShop. Probably the best doorstop ever made! [$19.95 @ NeatoShop | More gruesomely awesome Zombie stuff]

How Addicted Are You to Your Mobile Phone? [Infographic]


Next time you’re out having dinner with your friends or loved ones, keep track of how long you can go without checking Facebook, Twitter or your email. Can you go the entire dinner without sneaking in a peek at your mobile phone under the table? If not, then you’re addicted to mobile technology … and […]

Android vs. iPhone: Battle of the Mobile Operating Systems [Infographic]


It seems every day there’s a new study pitting iPhone owners against Android users. Here’s the latest, from the fine folks at hunch, which points out the obvious: we all judge each other people by their phones. It’s unfair, but this self-selecting sample of survey-takers says it’s true. If you need a larger version, check […]

The History of Mobile Productivity [Infographic]


For a larger version, click here. [companionlink]

Amazon tablet a loss leader?


Amazon may consider selling a tablet computer for below cost price with the plan of making its money back by selling content — or at least that’s what one analyst suggests. Not much is known about the planned device, though naturally it will be seen as one of the more high-profile “challengers” to the iPad. […]

Metal Pen/Tool Combo: The Perfect Geek Writing Instrument?

No geek writing instrument ensemble is complete without this, the Metal Pen with Level and Screwdriver nifty tool/pen combo from the NeatoShop. While not quite tactical, we’re pretty confident that it will increase your geek factor by at least 200%. [$14.95 @ NeatoShop | More Geeky Tools]