The “Giger Counter”: A Geiger Counter Inspired by H.R. Giger

Phil Plait made an alien joke in a tweet (“If I ever go to an alien planet, I’m bringing a Giger counter.”) which sparked the inspiration of one Steve D. to build a geiger counter as H.R. Giger might see it (that’s the guy who did the design work for Alien, for the less alien-movie-geeky among […]

Level Up with New ‘Nintendo’ Monopoly Edition [Pics]

First, we brought you the ‘World of Warcraft’ edition of Monopoly. Now, the classic board game has gone “old school” with the ‘Nintendo’ edition! Buy yours today! [Via HiConsumption]

“Allons-y!” to the Altar with TARDIS Engagement Ring [Pic]

Pathetic Paripatetic makes this TARDIS-inspired ring, normally using only diamonds, but he’ll add sapphires to complete the phone box look, if you or your lady desires. Email for pricing information and availability. [Via Geekologie]

Apple & Samsung told to talk out their problems

The judge hearing the intellectual property case between Apple and Samsung has pleaded with the two firms to make one last attempt at reaching a settlement. Lucy Koh (pictured) warned both sides that letting a jury decide was effectively a crapshoot. As we’ve previously covered, this is one of the rare cases where one of […]

Apple Does Fall Far in Mississippi

Mississippi residents are most likely to break an iPhone or iPad according to newly published figures. The figures come from Square Trade, a company that offers extended warranty policies for electronic devices. They take population into account and represent the expected proportion of policyholders making an accidental damage claim over a two year period. The […]

Wireless Charging Laptops by Intel

Wireless charging was something that was often mentioned in my Electrodynamics lectures, but something that was far from practical yet. Well Intel is ready to step up and push wireless charging into the future. While wireless charging has been used previously for charging smartphones (to what degree of success, perhaps some of our readers who have […]

Twitter Away Over Morning Coffee

For the die-hard Twitter fans, this might be a cup for you to start your day, and possibly end with a nice cuppa tea. Whaddya think? It’s microwaveable and everything. [$9.99 from ThinkGeek | Via GeekAlerts]

Laser-Guided Scissors

I’m not exactly sure how this works, or if it would actually fix my abysmal scissor abilities, but regardless having a laser on my scissors just sounds awesome. Laser-beam will guide you to cut straight with these scissors Laser turns on at the push of a button Requires 2x LR44 cell batteries (included) Size: 8-1/4″ […]

Charge Your Phone as You Pedal

This BikeCharge Dynamo thing looks pretty cool, but I wonder if the wire that comes with the iPhone is long enough? Are Android mobile cords long enough for this? Features: Fits any spoked wheel. Charges any USB powered device. All-in-one design with bike light and power generator integrated in a stylish body. 3W 5.0V DC output. […]

The Force Glove

Anyone who’s seen Star Wars has, at some point, fantasised about having the Force. It’s inevitable. Now you can, or at least, the magnetic Force. This glove has a flippable magnet embedded into the palm, allowing you to push or pull objects that respond to magnets to your heart’s content. It’s even marketed as “educational” to […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: HDMI Cable (6 Feet) – $1.61 + Free Shipping

For today’s edition of deal of the day, Amazon has some good quality HDMI cables for just $1.61 plus free shipping. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cheaper HDMI cables online, and these even get shipped for free. –DVI Gear HDMI Cable (6 Feet) – $1.61

3D Printed Toys from Cubify

The age of 3D printers as a household appliance are slowly creeping up on us as company after company tries to find that one niche that will propel the masses into the future. Cubify seems to think that the path into the home is through the children. That is, to design toys that children can […]