Smart (Real) Notebooks

Evernote and Moleskine have teamed up to deliver a notebook experience that suits the page-loving geek. No longer must you be ostracised for preferring the pen to the stylus or the touch of paper to the touch of screen. Now you can buy one of these Moleskine books, which have  a “new design that improves image […]

Come to Dark Side…We Have Tea

Gain a bit of geek cred with the tea folks and be one of the first to own a Death Star tea infuser. Brew your tea to extreme darkness. [Goes on sale soon for $19.99 at ThinkGeek (you can get them to email you as soon as it’s on sale) | Via The Mary Sue]

Soft Kitty Blanket with Sleeves [Pic]

Be your own little ball of fur with the style of blanket-attire that Snuggie made popular. Decorated with the kitty design that’s come to be associated with the Soft Kitty song from The Big Bang Theory (like the mug or the hoodie), this “blanket with sleeves” will be the most comfortable geek merchandise for TBBT fans! Measures […]

Curiosity Rover Pendant [Pic]

Made by SamHain Press: Mini Curiosity rover papercraft in a plastic & metal capsule pendant, with copper shell stones.  Made freehand (no template) with glue, scissors, x-acto blade, and paper. Pendant is approx. 2” in diameter (so it’s somewhat large, as pendants go – quarter is shown for scale). Chicon/Worldcon exclusive item: will be made […]

iWant: Sturdy, Handmade Donkey Kong Wall Shelves [Picture]

Designer & video game enthusiast Igor Chak took a page out of the Donkey Kong playbook and constructed this wall, mimicking the setting and design of the game itself. It is made from both ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, anodized aluminum pixels, and stainless rods. Glass tops finish off the shelves, and steel mounts support […]

It’s Maths Time! [Pic]

[Via Andrij “Andrew” Harasewych on Google+]

Another Step Closer to Star Trek Replicators

The Imagine 3D Printer by Essential Dynamics is inching us ever closer to 3D printing as a commercial option for regular households. And this one can print food. In fact, it can print just about anything. From the site itself: If you can bring it to a soft form first (using a household blender), you can […]

Geeky Kitchen Tools [Pics]

Check out this series of epic and geeky kitchen utensils. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed looking at the instruments associated with food preparation so much! [Via TrendHunter]

Android brings a cameraphone without the phone

The lines between different pocket digital devices have been further blurred: Nikon is releasing a digital camera that runs the Android operating system. The Coolpix S800c is an attempt to win back some of the business that’s been lost since many people decided a smartphone camera was good enough that they could live without a […]

Batarang Pocket Knife

Perhaps you can get one to go with your pistol USB? It even comes in all these sparkly colours! Ok, so not sparkly but they’re bright! [Get one from Amazon, starting at $7.80 | Via Geek Alerts]

Geek Fun in Bed [Pics]

If you were expecting something raunchy, I’m sorry, you’ll be a bit disappointed. If you’re expecting something awesome – you’re in luck! Check out these cute cushions that pay tribute to the legends of gaming past, present and…well mostly past. I love that she’s gone down to ZX and NES too…I miss them. If you […]

Geektastically Cute Toys! [Pics]

These things are just adorable! GAS fan Rich messaged us about the toys he makes, suggesting we “might like” them. I love them! They’ve got a very Tim Burton feel donchya think? These are just a few of my favourites, check out more in his Flickr stream and on his blog, Ume Toys.