Is this the ultimate iPod accessory?

There are several ways to make sure you don’t lose your iPod. Pockets work for many people. A belt-clip does the job for some. A few go a step further and buy a specialized wristband with a pocket to hold the device. But if you’re a professional body piercer, it seems there’s one more dramatic […]

Glove One: A Wearable Phone Glove

A wearable phone concept that makes your hand look like one of Iron Man’s glove? Awesome. Glove One is a wearable mobile communication device. It presents a futile and fragile technology with which to augment ourselves. A cell phone which, in order to use, one must sacrifice their hand. It is both the literalization of […]

CCD: The Heart of a Digital Camera (How a Digital Camera Works) [Video]

In the following video, Bill Hammack (The Engineer Guy) “takes apart a digital camera and explains how it captures images using a CCD (charge coupled device). He also shares how a single CCD is used with a color filter array to create colored images.” [The Engineer Guy]

Nokia targets developing world… and cheapskates

Nokia is targeting what it is calling the “next billion” smartphone users with a couple of handsets that start from $45 without a contract. The specs on the phones won’t wow many buyers in major markets, but the handsets do just about qualify as smartphones. The phones are targeted mainly at locations such as India […]

R2-D2 Coffee Maker [Video]

From youtuber Zoelikesskor: My wife fills the R2D2 coffee maker while I tell a lousy droid joke. An R2-D2 list? Muhahaha, a lousy joke indeed, Zoelikesskor! [Via tdwg]

Swim Like a Superhero Part II

We recently posted an article about some cool Marvel superhero goggles to get you swimming like a superhero. Well now your kids can complete the look with Marvel superhero swimwear from ThinkGeek! Unfortunately they are for children 2-4 years old, so not for the big kids. Maybe try out IDThisItem to find one more in […]

Apple ditches “4G” name for iPad

iPad has changed its marketing of the “4G” iPad after complaints it was not compatible with 4G services in all countries where it was on sale. But the company has stopped a little short of admitting it was at fault. As we’ve previously covered, the new iPad was marketed as coming in two version: “Wi-Fi” […]

WANT: Marvel Avengers USB Flash Drives [Pic]

Coolest looking flash drives EVAR. If you want them they’re currently all for sale on []

This is AWESOME: Fully Functional Portal Turret

This is the final project for my Advanced Mechatronics class at Penn State University. The robot is the skeleton of a turret from the game Portal that uses an IP webcam to track a target and fire nerf bullets at them. This is the current state of the robot as of 5/9/12, but I am […]

New smartphone tech: firms are on the case

Traditionally smartphone cases have been largely decorative, with their only practical function being to protect the phone against damage (or, in a certain instance, to allow users to make calls while holding the phone.) Now two different companies have come up with ways to make better use of a case. A company called Freedom Pop […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Buy the PS Vita Wi-Fi, Get Mortal Kombat and a 4GB Memory Card for Free!

For a limited time, if you buy a PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi on Amazon, You’ll get a copy of Mortal Kombat and a 4GB memory card for free! Sony’s PlayStation Vita, previously codenamed “Next Generation Portable”, is the successor to the PlayStation Portable hardware series. Vita retains the familiar general form of the PlayStation Portable hardware […]

Campaign to Fund Instagram Camera

ADR Studio wants to literally Instagram your camera! Among the features of the Instagram Socialmatic Camera are: – 16 GB mass storage; – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; – 4:3 touchscreen; – 2 main lens, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing; – Optical zoom; – Internal printer to make […]