Buckyballs to be Banned in the US

One of the great things about being a geek is no longer having to make excuses for why you buy toys. I personally own more Transformers than my kids. But also, there are some toys that are made for adults that use science in a very fun way. For instance Buckyballs. If you don’t already […]

WANT: Awesome Tetris Light

I kinda wet myself a little bit when I saw this. I mean how awesome would this be on your bedside table? Or on your coffee table at a party? I’m quite sure I’m not the only one with geeky enough friends to appreciate how cool it is to have Tetris blocks that you can […]

Stanley is a Piano that Takes Requests over Twitter

Twitter has a really varied clientele, from well communicating social media junkies right down to those very same social media junkie’s dogs. But now an inanimate object hopes to communicate with its followers with the gift of music. @StanleyPiano is a unique Twitter account connected to a piano. A player piano. A Player Piano is […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Over 50% Off Select PNY USB Drives [Today Only!]

For today’s edition of deal of the day, Amazon has some super cheap high-capacity PNY USB drives at prices that are hard to beat. This offer is valid today only or only while supplies last. [Over 50% Off Select PNY USB Drives]

Amazon Kindle 3G Browsing Now Limited

Seems the days of surfing the Internet in the little black and white browser of the Kindle to your hearts content has come to an end. Apparently, some users have experienced a bandwidth warning, alerted to a “50MB limit”. They were then informed that they would be allowed only 24 hours more of surfing and […]

Wi-Fi Robot to the Rescue

Students at Northeastern University have developed a rugged robot that deploys Wi-Fi where it goes and uses GPS and its own Wi-Fi for control, meaning its range is pretty much limitless. It also has the ability to drop repeater units in order to broaden its range and has an on-board camera to help the operator […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 54% Off ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore BST – External Backup Battery Pack and Solar Panel w/ Doubled Charging Speed for Smartphones / E-readers / MP3 Players – $29.99 + Free Shipping

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore BST – External Backup Battery Pack and Solar Panel w/ Doubled Charging Speed for Smartphones / E-readers / MP3 Players (and More USB Powered Devices) for just $29.99 plus free shipping. That’s 54% off the device’s usual retail price of […]

Your Soul in Your Sole

Developers at Autonomous ID, in partnership with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have set up the “Pedo-Biometrics Research and Identity Automation Lab” to create sensors in footwear that can find out all about who you are. Christened “BioSole”, a device that Autonomous ID has been working on since 2009 is supposedly able to identify your […]

Photosynth App: Make awesome interactive panoramas of every direction

Oh my god, Microsoft actually did something that works really, really well. Who would’ve thought it? I’m currently travelling and there’s nothing like going on a holiday to test out travel apps and see what can and can’t work when you’re on the move, going on tours and have limited Internet connection. First let me […]

Star Wars Keyboard with Touchpad LCD?

ThinkGeek has a lot of fun stuff for geeks, and while the grand majority of it is reasonably attainable, I came across a puzzling gem of an item posted earlier this week that both intrigued and confused me. Meet the Star Wars Keyboard with an LCD Touchpad. Of course, I instantly began to wonder why […]

Qantas replaces in-flight entertainment with iPads

Qantas will be the first airline to completely replace their inflight entertainment system with iPads. Passengers will have the capability of accessing Qantas’ own entertainment system, QStreaming, through their iPads and will also have inflight wifi to check emails and surf the web. Having flown Qantas many, many times, I’m constantly unimpressed with their entertainment […]

Nexus 7 triumphs over the iPad 2 in durability

It seems these guys had the money to test the durability of an iPad2 and a Nexus 7 by dropping them, knocking them off a low wall and dunking them in water. Not recommended to try these at home, even if the Nexus 7 does largely survive! [Via GeeksHaveLanded]