This Ramen Commercial is So Metal! [Video]

This is the most metal instant noodle commercial we’ve ever seen, and even if it’s in Japanese, you’ll enjoy the ad anyways. How can you go wrong when you animate a cute little chicken that offers a bowl of ramen to the devil? You just can’t. [日清食品グループ公式チャンネル on Youtube]

How to Cook the Chateaubriand Steak from The Matrix

Joe Pantoliano has portrayed a bevy of characters with questionable hairpieces, questionable facial hair, and a complete lack of morality or empathy. This week’s villainous snack is no exception – Cypher is pure Pantoliano, and only he could make talking with your mouth full still seem appetizing. Scheme along with your favorite shady compatriot as […]

Drink from Groot’s Head with This Groot Ceramic Mug

Etsy user and ceramic artist Cerapost makes amazing mugs, but among the ones he has available at his shop, my favorite is this groot ceramic mug that can hold 500ml of your favorite beverage. The mug is both microwave and dishwasher save, but I think I’d probably hand wash it for fear of something happening […]

These Japanese Gummy Commercials are Full of Hilarious Innuendos [Video]

A hilarious series of Japanese ads promoting Sakeru Gumi candies where a young couple like to enjoy gummy candies when they’re together… or at least, until “Long Long Man” comes along with his longer stretchy gummy. Yep, these ads are as hilarious and ridiculous as you’d expect from a candy commercial from Japan. [Violet Sumire]

Finally, a Big Gummy Pickle!

Yep, that’s right! The folks from Vat19 have finally made the ultimate gummy candy: A big gummy pickle! Previously, if you were a fan of brined cucumbers and delicious gummy goodness, snack-searching would put you in a real pickle. But with the Gummy Pickle, you get the best of both worlds. This all-gummy “vegetable” is […]

This Gamer Rolled a Crit While Creating These Edible Polyhedral Dice

Not only is Gamer and cosplayer Sonja a fan of role playing games, she’s also a pastry chef! She recently tried her hand at creating edible RPG/polyhedral dice, and after seeing the reaction of folks on the Internet, she decided to start selling them on Etsy. The dice can be either “eaten as a hard […]

Burger Flipping Robot Takes A Break

A burger-flipping robot is on a break from work after it appeared to be too slow to meet demand. But ‘Flippy’ might not be to blame. The robot, made by Miso Robotics, was set to work at a Cali Burger restaurant in Pasadena. It uses image recognition to keep track of the burgers on a […]

How To Make: A Pineapple Flavored Tomb Raider Temple Cake

In this episode of Nerdy Nummies, show host Rosanna Pansino shows us how to make a pineapple flavored Tomb Raider cake in honor of the release of the new movie! [Rosanna Pansino]