Heroes’ Feast: Dungeons and Dragons Now Has an Official Cookbook!

Heroes’ Feast is a new officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons cookbook that features 80 recipes inspired by the magical world of D&D! Try your hand at baking your very own Elven bread! Take a trip down to the Underdark by experiencing Drow mushroom steaks! Treat your guests with some exotic cocktails such as the Chultan […]

IT EXISTS: A Face Mask That Smells Like Delicious Bacon #BREATHABLEBACON

We featured plenty of geektastic face masks here on GAS in the past few months, but so far, none that actually smelled anything. Introducing the bacon face mask from Hormel’s “Black Label” Bacon line. Now you can enjoy the delicious smell of bacon while being protected whereever you go! Enjoy the delicious scent of HORMEL® […]

Spooktastic Halloween Monster Pies [Gallery]

Pie artist extraordinaire Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka “Pies Are Awesome” or “The Pieous”) has been creating some of the most beautiful and detailed pies we have ever seen for many years now. We’ve featured her on many occasions on Geeks are Sexy, and she never fails to amaze us. Since Halloween is quickly approching, what […]

Ryan Reynolds Narrates Commercial for Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee

In the past few years, we’ve all witnessed the fake and hilarious online rivalry between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Even though they might look like enemies, these two are friends and use their celebrity mojo to boost both of their brands. In this case, check out their latest collab promoting Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man […]

Razer’s Respawn: A Gum and Drink Designed to Improve Gamers’ Focus

Last year, Razer released its Respawn drink, a beverage designed to help gamers improve their focus, and now, in partnership with Wrigley, the company has just unveiled the Respawn By 5 gaming gum, because why not? The new gum is infused with B vitamins and green tea extract, which are both supposed to help improve […]

Feel All Powerful With These Infinity Gauntlet and Mjölnir Bottle Openers

Open your beers, sodas, and more like The God of Thunder or a Mad Titan with these Mjolnir and Infinity Gauntlet bottle openers! The Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener: This Thanos Bottle Opener will easily take the cap off your favorite beverages in just a snap. This tool’s electroplated retro copper color, fashion design shows people’s […]