How to Create a Queen of Hearts Cherry Pie [Video]

For Valentine’s Day, Jessica from “Pies are Awesome” came up with a fantastic Alice in Wonderland-inspired Queen of Hearts cherry pie that was just perfect for the holiday! [Pies Are Awesome]

Stealing Ideas: The Origin of the Oreo Cookie [Video]

Did you know that “Oreo” is a knockoff brand? I’m fairly sure that most people think that Oreos are the original cookie and cream sandwiches, but the truth is, Hydrox is. A company named ‘Sunshine Biscuits’ first marketed the cookies back in 1908. Then, the National Biscuit Company, who would later become the brand we […]

Robotic Hand Treats Fruit Gently

An online grocery firm is testing a robotic hand that picks up fruit and vegetables without bruising or squashing them. The next step is for the hand to be able to detect the fruit’s ripeness. British-based Ocado is working alongside five universities and Disney on a project called SOMA, short for soft manipulation. Among its […]

Rosanna Pansino (Nerdy Nummies) and Cookie Monster Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies [Video]

Even though I’m supposed to be an adult, I still enjoy watching anything that has Cookie Monster in it, including this video of Rosanna Pansino baking a batch of tasty chocolate chip cookies with the help of everyone’s favorite blue monster. For those interested, the full recipe is available on Rosanna’s blog. Now if you’ll […]

Behold the Ultimate Power of this Death Star Popcorn Maker!

That’s no moon, it’s a hot air popcorn maker (featuring a removable bowl) from a galaxy far, far away! In the Star Wars movies, the Death Star has enough power to destroy an entire planet. We promise our version wont event destroy your taste buds! The Death Star popcorn maker is a perfect choice for […]

Brewery Debuts the World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips (and They Look Tasty!)

When one thinks about potato chips, one thinks greasy, delicious snacks that you could chow down a whole bag of for under five bucks. Get ready for that opinion to change. Introducing the world’s most expensive potato chips crafted by a rather impressive Swedish brewery named St.Erik’s. They are also going above and beyond by […]

How to Make a Red Velvet Zombie Brain Cake [Video]

In honor of Halloween, Rosanna Pansino from Nerdy Nummies prepared a red velvet zombie brain cake from the Nerdy Nummies cookbook, and in this video, she shows us how we can make one at home! Check it out! THE THINGS YOU WILL NEED: Red Velvet Cake * (2) Cups All Purpose Flour: * (2) […]

Netflix Kitchen: How to Cook a Demagorgon Pie and a French Onion Barb

After the huge success of “Stranger Things” on Netflix, the folks from “Netflix Kitchen” have decided to prepare some Stranger Things themed recipes inspired by the show for the upcoming Halloween: A Demogorgon Pie and a French Onion Barb. Unfortunately, the videos do not lists the ingredients, but if you use your imagination, I’m pretty […]