To Fifteen Shiny Years: Firefly’s Original VFX Team Made This Gorram Good Anniversary Video

Did you know that Firefly was released a little over 15 years ago, and even though the show will likely never come back from the dead, many of us dream of a day it could still happen. Now, thanks to a tribute video by the show’s original VFX team, we can all live some of […]


New “Pooh” Trailer Will Make You Cry Happy Tears of Joy [Video]

What a wonderful trailer! This has the be the most adorable thing I’ve watched all year! Christopher Robin will hit the big screen on August 3, 2018. [FilmSelect Trailer]

Our 10 Favorite Geeky Tees + HUGE T-Shirt Sale!

If you’re looking for nerdy t-shirts, our Teepublic t-shirt store is the perfect place to shop! With hundreds of designs to choose from, there’s ought be be something you like! Here are some of my personal favorites (All available for men, women, and kids.) Please note that all of these are just $14 for a […]

Ottawa Comiccon 2018 in Pictures – Part II [Cosplay Photo Gallery]

As promised in our first post featuring some of the best cosplay we’ve seen at Ottawa Comiccon 2018, here is the second part of our photos from the event. As with the last batch of pics, we have high quality versions of all of the photos, so if you want yours, be sure to let […]

Ottawa Comiccon 2018 in Pictures – Part I [Cosplay Photo Gallery]

As we’ve been doing since 2016, we headed over to Ottawa Comiccon this weekend to cover the 2018 edition of the event. This year marked the 7th edition of the con, and thanks to mother nature, the weekend was sunny and beautiful. People from all over the country, and even a few from the U.S. […]

Gravity Warfare: An Innovative Dexterity and Strategy Game Played on a Self-Balancing Board

Gravity Warfare is an innovative dexterity & strategy game that is played on a self-balancing board. The goal is simple: Be the first one to run out of pieces to play. But the game is not as easy as it sounds. Here’s a review of the game: It looks REALLY FUN! As I’m writing this, […]

Regular Dad vs Geek Dad [Pic]


May The Fourth Be With You: Happy Star Wars Day!

I don’t want to stereotype here and say that all geeks are excited about today, but I’m willing to bet that a fair number of you have May 4th marked on the calendar, just like Grandma’s birthday and that long-awaited game release. (Half-Life 3, anyone? Sigh.) For those of you who have a smartphone, there’s […]