The First Trailer for TERMINATOR: DARK FATE is Here! [Video]

Welcome to the day after Judgment Day! Here is the first trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate! The movie is the direct sequel to Terminator 2. Official Synopsis: Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800) return in their iconic roles in Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by visionary filmmaker James […]

Browse Securely and Anonymously: Get a LIFETIME Access to VPN Unlimited for Just $29!

Limited time sale! VPN Unlimited is one of PC Mag’s top VPN solution! Get a lifetime access and simultaneous use on up to 5 devices (Mobile and Desktop) for just $29 with promo code MAYVPN10 at checkout! Online privacy and protection of your data that will virtually last forever, as well as unrestricted streaming and […]

Ottawa Comiccon 2019 Cosplay in Pictures – Part II

As mentioned earlier this week, we were at Ottawa Comiccon 2019 last Saturday, and as promised, here is our second batch of pictures for the event! If you see your cosplay below and want the full quality picture, be sure to send us an email via the contact section above the site! Next event: Montreal […]

Ottawa Comiccon 2019 Cosplay in Pictures – Part I

For the past few years, the Geeks are Sexy team has been spending Mother’s Day weekend in Ottawa, attending Ottawa Comiccon 2019. Once again, following tradition, we were there capturing the best and funniest cosplays of our nation’s capital. With a great guest line-up, the Ottawa convention is once again a front-runner for amazingly talented […]

Amazing Recreation of the Obi Wan vs. Darth Vader Fight Scene from a New Hope

Ok, if you just have one thing to watch on Youtube today, this has to be it. Animator FXitinPost has recreated the complete fight scene between Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, and it is very impressive! The artist has previously released part of the fight on his channel, but this is the complete scene. […]

May the 4th Be With You: A Tribute to Star Wars Cosplayers [Gallery]

Here at Geeks are Sexy, we’ve been covering pop culture conventions, and especially the amazing cosplayers attending those cons, since 2011. Costumes are like fads, they come and go, but there is one theme that never goes out of style: Star Wars. Here is our tribute to all you fantastic Star wars cosplayers out there! […]

Let it Roll: Five Ways to Let Loose and Have Fun Playing Tabletop RPGs

One of the most common questions I get asked about having a weekly D&D group is how to start it in the first place. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to that. But what some people fail to see, I think, is that even when you have a group it doesn’t mean instant success. Once you’ve […]

Holy Crap: Duo Recreates The Battle Of Helm’s Deep using 150,000 LEGO Bricks [Pics]

This mind-blowingly huge and incredibly detailed recreation of the battle of Helm’s Deep was made in about 4 months by Rich-K & Big J using 150,000 LEGO blocks and 1,700 minifigs. The whole thing weighs about 160 pounds and is the size of a ping-pong table. [wordads¸] [Source: Goelkim2011 on Flickr | Goel Kim on […]