The Force Awakens Themed Nintendo 64 [Pics + Video]

Every geek who saw The Force Awakens is geeking out hard right now and for good reason. Someone made an awesome Star Wars movie again, finally. One place you can expect to see that Force Awakens love reflected is in mods of consoles, such as this Nintendo 64 modded to look like it was found […]

Darth Santa is Here to Ruin You Christmas! [Video]

The holidays have never known the power of the dark side… until now. This video just won my personal award for best geeky holiday video for 2015. Game over everyone else. [CorridorDigital]

Review: ANOVOS’s Insanely Beautiful First Order Stormtrooper Helmet

Last week, on the same day that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” came out, I received the First Order Stormtrooper helmet that I pre-ordered back in late September. Behold, this helmet is truly a thing of beauty (for a Star Wars fan!) Just got my GORGEOUS First Order Stormtrooper helmet from @anovos today! #theforceawakens #starwars […]

The Wonders of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Last summer, my family and I took our vacation along Florida’s Space Coast, and I have to say, this was among the most awesome and interesting vacation spots I’ve visited in a long time. Located just an hour east of Orlando, Cocoa Beach is not only bordered by beautiful beaches, it’s also surrounded by plenty of […]

An AMAZING A Cappella Star Wars Medley by the Cast of “The Force Awakens” [Video]

Ok, I haven’t seen “The Force Awakens” yet, but that totally gave me goose bumps! Apparently the movie is indeed the sequel we’ve all been waiting for since Return of the Jedi. I’ll definitely try to go and see it either today or tomorrow. Jimmy and The Roots join Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, […]

WANT: Spellbook Billfold

The spellbook billfold from Thinkgeek features 4 bill-sized pockets (one behind each card section, two in zipped section,) a See-thru ID slot with thumb assist, and 14 additional card slots. The Spellbook Wristlet is a compact tome which aims to help you convey your belongings. It has a see-thru ID slot and 14 additional card […]

The Cosplay of Montreal Mini Comiccon 2015 [Picture Gallery]

Earlier today, I was at Montreal Mini Comiccon 2015, a smaller and free edition of the full event that is usually held during the summer each year. I wasn’t expecting much before arriving on site, but boy was I surprised by the impressive number of people on the con floor, and we’re not even talking […]

Batman: A Telltale Games Series – Teaser

Holy batcrap. Telltale (famous for their storytelling games, most famously their Walking Dead series) are going to be delivering us an episodic Batman game next. “At Telltale, we’ve been honored to bring our unique approach to interactive storytelling to some of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll […]

What Happens When You Mix A Marvel Movie with a Romantic Comedy?

Most geeks LOVE Marvel movies, but could live without romantic comedies. For that reason alone Vulture has created this awesome(ly) strange mashup that shows us what a rom-com would look like if it took place starring some of our favorite spandex and leather clad superheroes.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser: Is John Snow REALLY Dead?

Or has his consciousness moved to another host? :) [GameofThrones]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Trailer 2 [HD]

The second full-length trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is here! [Warner Bros. Pictures]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – New Teaser Trailer! [Video]

A new teaser trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Watch as Superman discovers Batman’s true identity. [Warner Bros. Pictures]