Beauty, Brains and Badassery: The Sexiest Geek Girls Alive

Here at Geeks are Sexy, we pride ourselves on knowing what constitutes a genuine sexy geek girl. After many long hours of strenuous research and careful scientific analysis, we’ve developed a complex method to determine whether a girl is actually a sexy geek. First, we determine if she does geek stuff (science, technology, gaming, etc.). […]

Awesome Bacteria Soap Will Keep You Nice and Clean

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] Valentine’s Day is over, but it’s never a bad idea to stock up on gift ideas for that geeky girl or guy in your life.  I just discovered these while browsing Etsy and HAD to share them with the [GaS] community! These were crafted by Houston-based CleanerScience.  As a microbiology […]

Geektastic Facebook Avatars [Pics]

Check out these awesomely geeky Facebook avatar pictures by artist Ashley Hay. If you don’t have any profile picture on your Facebook page, why not use one of these to spice up your profile a bit? Click to enlarge! [Via Buzzfeed]

Simulated manned mission reaches “Mars”

A Russian and an Italian have climbed out of their craft and walked on the surface of Mars. But while the men know it is merely a sandpit near Moscow, their bodies might not be so sure. The pair are among six men in their 20s and 30s who are taking part in a global […]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Sexy Geek Guys Just for You

By popular demand and just in time for Valentine’s Day, an unordered list of sexy male geeks. History buffs, comic book collectors, gamers, scientists and tech junkies–hot, smart men = double-swoon. I didn’t trust my own judgement here, so I asked Twitter and Facebook to help me out. Below, you’ll find the guys who received […]