Fun with Cosplay: the Sexy Geeks Edition

Recently, we asked our Facebook fans to send in their best cosplay pictures, and they complied… and then some. We officially have the most awesome readers on the Internets. These are just some of the awesome pics you guys sent us; there are tons more in the Facebook album and we’ll feature some others here soon. […]


Fun with Cosplay: The Geeky Guys Edition [Picture Gallery]

We asked and you answered–here are the pics we got from Geeks Are Sexy readers in response to our call for cosplaying guys. The first ten are from Robin Cook, the pinup and cosplay photographer who brought us the super-awesome Star Wars shoot we featured last week. Robin is crazy talented and so, so nice. […]

Fourth of July for Math Nerds [Video]

Hooray for government-encouraged illegal activity involving explosives! Not so much for Katy Perry’s Firework. [JoshSundquist]

Robin Cook’s Amazing Star Wars Photoshoot [Gallery]

Robin Cook recently did a huge shoot of some awesome Star Wars cosplayers. She shared her post with us, and it was too cool not to share with you Sexy Geeks. And Robin is definitely one of us, according to her blog: This was way EPIC! Some folks might think the idea of hanging out […]

Emma Frost Cosplay Gallery [Pics]

Since X-Men: First Class was first announced and pictures of January Jones playing the role of Emma Frost have started appearing all over the net, it seems that a lot of cosplayers have decided to start dressing as the supervillainess. So here is a picture compilation paying hommage to the character which is probably one […]

[GAS] Science Class: The Sun and Solar Flares

Good morning, Geeks. Please take your seats. Today we’ll discuss the science behind solar flares and the distinction between a flare and coronal mass ejections. By now you’ve all seen the images and video from Tuesday’s M2.5 flare and CME. What you may not have gotten is a look at what solar flares actually are […]

R2D2 Swimsuits: The MOAR Bikinis Edition [Pics]

When one of our Facebook page commenters told us he wanted “LESS BIKINIS, MOAR SCIENCE”, I was about to stop posting pictures of female cosplayer altogether, but fortunately for me (and probably for a lot of you too), a horde of loyal fans came to the rescue telling me that they wanted more of both. […]

Official Geeks are Sexy T-Shirts are Back in Stock!

Hey Everyone, since several of you have asked to be notified when our über awesome “Force” t-shirts (see below) were going to be back in stock, here’s a short post doing just that! :) This is by far our best selling shirt of all time, so we stocked plenty, just to be sure we don’t […]