Chris Messina – Thoughts on Mozilla

By Matt Pearson Contributing Writer, [GAS] This very interesting and thought-provoking video came across my desktop this morning thanks to the continuing awesomeness of the Songbird Blog. Chris Messina, currently of Citizen Agency, and previously of Flock and SpreadFirefox fame, comments candidly yet poignantly on Firefox, the direction of Mozilla, and the current and future […]

A Greener Apple?

For the past few months, Apple has been widely criticized by environmental organizations (such as Greenpeace) for not acting as a role model in the world of “green manufacturing” as well as not having a good product recycling policy. According to a recent memo published by Steve Jobs on Apple’s website, these criticism are largely […]

If Nerds Dictated Fashion…

There’s a fine line between geeks and nerds. Nerd usually implies smarts but a lack of social skill, wears short sleeved button-up shirts and speaks entirely in internet abbreviations. You’re thinking the dudes from Revenge of the Nerds right? Geeks, however, are smart and sexy. We’re rather regular folks but with a greater affinity for […]