Generous thieves?

Symantec says that they are seeing more and more credit card numbers that have been stolen over the Internet being used to make donations to charities. The thieves make these transactions to test the card numbers for validity before using them for wider purposes. Symantec supposes that the crooks test the water with widely known charities such […]

Journey of Mankind animation rocks

Check out this cool animation showing the migration of humans from 160,000 to 8,000 years ago (link via Dr. D’Adamo). Stephen Oppenheimer pulled together evidence from mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome, archaeology, climatology, and fossil study to trace our ancestors’ migration paths around the globe. Along the way, popup links will give you extensive information about archaeological finds that tie into […]

Annus Hump Day

That’s annus, the Latin for “year”. Today, July 2, is the middle day of 2007. 182 days of 2007 have already passed, and we have 182 more to go after today. That means that at noon it will be exactly the middle of the year. On leap years, the middle occurs at midnight before July […]

Google miraculously heals the sick

by Sterling Camden Apparently, Google thinks they’re so un-evil that they can expiate the sins of their advertising clients. Lauren Turner, posting on the Google Health Advertising Blog, criticizes Michael Moore’s new movie, Sicko: Moore attacks health insurers, health providers, and pharmaceutical companies by connecting them to isolated and emotional stories of the system at […]