O’Reilly trademarks “Ethics 2.0”

Tim O’Reilly issued a Draft Blogger’s Code of Conduct yesterday, in response to the blogging ethics questions raised by death threats and other nastiness in comments at Kathy Sierra’s blog. Excerpts: We take responsibility for our own words and for the comments we allow on our blog. We won’t say anything online that we wouldn’t […]

Fantastically Funny Geekish Quotes

I came upon a wonderful little gem of a post at Geek24 tonight, courtesy of the latest episode of DL.TV. The number of genuinely funny quotes on this page is quite impressive, and make for quality reading if you need to put a smile on your (or a fellow geek’s) face. A couple of choice […]

April Fool’s Day Pranks For Geeks

This shouldn’t surprise any of you: Geeks love April fool’s day. Admit it; at one point or another, most of you have tried to prank your friends, family or colleagues by partially unplugging their keyboard, mouse or monitor. In honor of this year’s April fool’s day, the folks over at Wired have pubbed an excellent […]

Where None Have Gone Before…

By Al Rozon Contributing Writer, [GAS] If I hadn’t seen at least 3 videos on this, I never would have believed it. Today, I’m not reporting on the latest gadgets or anything, but I will increase the “Geek Factor” of [GAS] by 10. If you haven’t already seen this from CNN or BBC, a man […]

Multitasking is Bad for You and your Productivity

The New York Times has an interesting piece on its site today explaining why multitasking, something that everyone does in 2007, is not only bad for your productivity, but could also be downright dangerous for you. Think you can juggle phone calls, e-mail, instant messages and computer work to get more done in a time-starved […]

Presidential Candidates and New Ways of Reaching Out

By Sean McDonald Contributing Writer, [GAS] The Washington Post had an interesting article yesterday regarding how campaigns are changing the way they reach out and communicate with potential supporters/voters. If you have a chance to read it, pay attention to how the candidates are fine-tuning their MySpace profiles. Since I’ve had this in my drafts […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The March 26th Edition

–Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Improve your Productivity 10 great Firfox extensions that can truly improve your productivity. –101 Shareware and Freeware Programs Every Nerd Needs How can a person limit juicy downloads to 101 freeware and shareware choices? Tough calls, but these tools are ones that every nerd needs, or at least should ponder. […]

Google: Don’t be Evil?

Is it possible that Google, which from the 1st minute of existence had the motto of “Don’t be Evil,” is slowly moving away from their initial philosophy? So, what do you guys think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, but before expressing your opinion, start by watching this quick video. Ok, now that […]