Introducing PS3 Home (Video)

Since we’ve already posted about Sony’s new PS3 Home community yesterday, we thought that you guys might enjoy having a look at what this world will look like when it comes online in a few weeks. Enjoy the show!

Sony Jumps on Second Life Bandwagon

Sony has just announced today that PS3 owners will soon be able to interact with each other via a new virtual online community “à la Second Life” named ‘Home’. According to the Washington Post, ‘Home’ will be first released as a beta version sometime in April, and then officially launched in the 4th quarter of […]

The “Texting” Phenomenon

By Matt Pearson Contributing Writer, [GAS] Text messaging (or “texting”, as it tends to be referred to in hipster vernacular) is becoming an increasingly prevalent form of communication. I recently had a conversation with my parents about this subject, thanks to this last month’s Cingular bill. In response to their questions, I tried to explain […]