Why are we happy? Why aren’t we happy?

In the following video, social psychologist Dan Gilbert challenges the idea that we’ll be miserable if we don’t get what we want. Our “psychological immune system” lets us feel real, enduring happiness, he says, even when things don’t go as planned. He calls this kind of happiness “synthetic happiness,” and he says it’s “every bit […]

A Vision of Students Today

Cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch and 200 students at Kansas State University created this video summarizing the most important characteristics of students today: How they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, hopes, dreams, what their lives will be like, and how the world will change during their lifetime. It’s enlightening and interesting information for […]

5 Tips to Get What You Want From Technology Retail

By Fred Roth Contributing Writer, [GAS]  In my daily sweep across my favorite tech news sites (next to [GAS], of course), I read an article listing 10 behaviors to adopt in order to get what you want from customer service centers. With the holiday shopping season fast approaching (believe me, we employees are already hearing […]

How Television and News Works

How Television Works ‘How Television Works’ is a must see for anyone curious about who controls television, why producers alter their programming to appease corporate sponsors, and what detrimental affects television has on human brain chemistry, attention span and behaviour. How the News Works ‘How The News works’ is a closer inspection into the relationships […]