College students: The MPAA still hates you

Last year, the MPAA released a study claiming that 44% of all illegal movie downloads via P2P networks could be directly linked to college students with high-speed network access. Using that report, the MPAA then coerced many college campuses into installing a P2P-monitoring toolkit on their networks. This program reports back to the MPAA directly, […]

“Makers” documentary preview – The Mouse Trap

By Brian Boyko [GAS] Contributor I’ve got a second quick clip from “Makers” my documentary about do-it-yourselfers at the Austin Maker Faire. This five minute movie deals with a live-sized Mouse Trap. As in the game, Milton Bradley’s Mouse Trap. While you can find the standard definition of the video embedded below, if you’ve got […]

Technology in the middle of the world

By Marco Jardim Contributing Writer, [GAS] As my first article here in GAS, I thought would be a good idea to pinpoint the differences between blogging in “technologically-updated” places of the world and one that is several months behind all others. If there are any Australians reading this article, they will probably relate to parts […]

In the Spirit of Gutenberg: Blogs and the Democracy of Ideas

By Lyle Bateman Contributing Writer, [GAS] From a perspective of some six centuries later, it’s pretty easy to see the revolution inherent in the idea of movable type and the printing press. Once a hugely expensive endeavor confined to the scriptoriums of only super-wealthy patrons, book production was suddenly a fraction of the cost. Books, once highly […]