Arthur C. Clarke: The day the future died

By Lyle Bateman Contributing Writer, [GAS] “The golden age of science fiction” is a term used to describe a particularly fertile period in science fiction, when old conventions of “the space western” were challenged with new ideas, new themes, and new energy. There are many names associated with that period—Heinlein Bradbury and Asimov, among others—but […]

You’re an internet addict. Yes, you.

By Ilya Kochanov Contributing Writer, [GAS] According to some doctors with big weird eyebrows and some kind of doctorate, excessive internet usage might soon be classified as an actual mental disease. Never mind the fact that people, such as myself, earn money by going online. Or that corporations, banks, and schools rely heavily on the […]

Geek Fashion from MoMa: The Icon Watch

Being a sexy geek includes sporting the latest in computer-oriented fashion as often as possible. Everyone knows the Mac watch icon. The pesky bugger constantly popped up whenever you needed to be doing something, asking you to kindly wait about four hours until your task was completed. MoMa Design has decided to bring this icon […]