Megaman bedroom walls

By Mark O’Neill Seeing these bedroom walls on Boing Boing momentarily made me speechless. It kind of makes my walls with my Star Wars and Star Trek posters seem a bit lame by comparison! How about you? Do you have Megaman-type bedroom walls? What do you see when you wake up every morning? Does Super […]

Steampunk USB Drive

Here at [GAS], we think that steampunk devices are among the sexiest gadgets you can own. I mean, just check out this awesome steampunk USB drive, it looks amazing, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this thing has been hand-crafted, so there’s no way you’ll be able to put your hands on one… unless you have the skills […]

Are all mathematicians geeks?

By Mark O’Neill I had to laugh at this one because to me, being viewed as a geek is probably not the only reason people don’t continue to study mathematics. I didn’t continue it because I sucked at it and my maths teacher begged me to leave her class before I forced her into a […]