Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover, Fights Vampires?

It’s not a bad thing that DC is trying something to boost sales for the underachiever of the classic “holy trinity” that Wonder Woman makes up with Batman and Superman. And giving her a makeover isn’t a bad idea either, since as the new writer for the series, J. Michael Straczynski, pointed out, “What woman […]

Yes, Legos can be for grownups too! [VIDEO]

Lego blocks: playtime mainstay for industrious kids, obsession for many (ahem!) mature adults. In the following video, Hillel Cooperman takes us on a trip through the beloved bricks’ colorful, sometimes oddball grownup subculture, featuring CAD, open-source robotics and a little adult behavior.

Facebook: The Movie (For Real this Time)

Yes, we’ve posted about a few Facebook movie spoofs in the past. But this time, we’re talking about the real deal. Here’s the the first trailer for Columbia Picture’s upcoming Facebook movie: “The Social Network”. The production is directed by American filmmaker David Fincher and will hit the big screen sometime in October 2010. Enjoy!

D&D vs. Fantasy Football [PIC]

[Via Neatorama | Source: Sheldon Comics]

Why I’m Not Standing With the iPhone Crowd

Today, I am not standing in line anywhere for an iPhone. It’s expected to be close to 100F here in North Carolina, and even though I’m sans child, I have no inclination to do such a thing, nor do I harbor feelings of jealousy against the people who have ordered and can afford these new […]

Green Hornet Movie Trailer [Video]

The Green Hornet is an upcoming 2011 superhero action film directed by Michel Gondry. Gondry replaced Stephen Chow, who had previously planned to direct the film as a comedy. The film is scheduled to be released on January 14, 2011. It is an adaptation of the radio and television character The Green Hornet. [Wikipedia]

Sexy Super Heroes! [Pics]

Though the cosplay community is predominantly female, that doesn’t mean that guys don’t get into it as well – and so as a follow up to last week’s post on super heroines, here are some of their male counterparts. The very best super heroes that Flickr has to offer! Superman – Fonzie’s Cousin (CC) |¬†Green […]

Waiting for Superman

This amazing animation was created to promote Waiting for Superman, an award-winning documentary which takes a look at how America’s education system is flawed and explores new approaches to help it grow strong again.

Ten Great TV Cartoon Geeks

For many of us geeks, cartoons defined a large part of our childhoods. If you grew up any time between the 1960s and the 1990s, you probably wax romantic about the plethora of amazing shows that played on Saturday mornings. For me, much of my entertainment came from the Disney Afternoon. Those particular shows just […]

Global threats face Internet freedoms

Online freedoms appear to be under threat across the world — with the exception of Australia where a national Internet filter has been shelved. The European Parliament has voted to approve a call for search engines to keep records of all online activity (in the same way as internet service providers), a move billed as […]

Earth: The Pale Blue Dot

Titled after one of Carl Sagan’s famous speeches, The Pale Blue Dot (if you’ve never heard it, I strongly suggest that you check it out), the following time-lapse video was produced by motion graphics artist Michael Marantz to pay homage not only to our planet, but to the resilience of the human spirit. Truly a […]