Old Daguerreotypes Shed New Light on Life in 19th Century America

Typically my article ideas come from, you know, the Internet. But this morning I was reading a fascinating piece in the current issue of Wired that was so astonishing and so cool, I just had to share it with the Geeks Are Sexy crew. Thankfully Wired presents much of their magazine content online, and in […]

Wicket the Ewok and other Amigurumi

Had a bad day and need your ration of cute? Here’s Wicket from “Return of the Jedi,” in knitted stuffed animal form. This Wicket (and others like him) are called “Amigurumi,” which is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals. Our friends over at GeekDad pointed us to other geeky Amigurumi, including […]

Star Trek:TNG casting memo surfaces after 23 years

In a parallel universe, Belgian actor Patrick Bauchau played Captain Picard. I’m basing that claim on a 23 year old memo that surfaced, on Paramount letterhead, written by John Ferraro, who was then a young development executive in Paramount’s syndicated television division, to John Pike, president of Paramount’s TV division at the time. The memo, […]

Words of Wisdom from a Great Lady

It’s important to note that no one knows for sure if this actually comes from Mrs. Roosevelt, and the quote itself is often attributed to Admiral Hyman G. Rickover. Though Admiral Rickover was overhead speaking these words, he never claimed to be the original author, saying on the 28th November 1959’s edition of The Saturday […]

StarCraft Roundup

Starcraft Mashups How do you make Starcraft 2 even more awesome? Mash Final Fantasy 7 style gameplay and music into it, that’s how! Final Fantasy 0.2 is a Starcraft 2 mod that uses the Battlemap editor to create a radically different gameplay experience. Other radically different gameplay modes include a first person shooter, a 3rd […]

British cabinet minister calls for ban on Medal of Honor

The British Defence Secretary has called on retailers to ban a forthcoming installment of Medal of Honor that allows players to control Taliban characters. The option is not available in the main game storyline, but rather the multiplayer online option in which one side can (and in fact must) play as the Taliban against US […]

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Cheese

When I was a kid, cheese was a no-no. Unlike the typical American family, the only cheese we had was of the soy variety; my mother was allergic, and my father just thought it wasn’t nutritious enough to be a mainstay in our refrigerator. So, in those rare visits to family members, especially during the […]

That Buzz you heard was Google zapping your posts

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Leo Laporte, the famed technogeek personality and self-proclaimed web whore, has shuttered his Google Buzz account after Buzz mysteriously dropped fifteen of his posts over about two weeks. Laporte considers this event a wake-up call to the transitory nature of social media content that’s hosted by someone else, […]

Awesome Dungeons and Dragons-Themed Sports Shirts

Cody Frisbee is the creator of this awesome and geeky line of Dungeons and Dragons-themed sports logos. If you’re interested in rooting for the the Gelatinous Cubes, or supporting the Bullettes then you can sport your pride in t-shirt form. Which of these monstrous team do you support?

Super Mario Art Round-Up

There are so many talented artists out there who are now tackling the wild and varied world of video game characters. Here are a few outstanding artists renditions of the world of the Super Mario Brothers. Zombie Mario Finnish photographer Marko Saari captured these awesome undead versions of Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, who in […]

Ten of the Best Offbeat Twitter Users

There are plenty of celebrities, public figures, intellectual giants and business gurus using Twitter these days. But there are also some posters who entertain in a slightly different manner: the fictional, fictionalized or anonymous accounts. Here’s our guide to some of the most notable: @fakeapstylebook If you’ve any interest in language or journalism, this is […]

Conversations with Myself: Fable III

Good Me: Did you hear? I just opened up our Xbox queue and learned that they’re releasing Fable III! Aren’t you excited? Bad Me: You just heard that? Seriously, do you live in some kind of cell cut off from the rest of the universe? How could you possibly miss that? Old news. Move on. […]