Apple Hipsters, Beware: From Hipster to Hippie in 6 Steps

We’re posting this as a friendly warning to all you Apple hipsters out there. Here’s what might happen to you in a few years if you stay on track with your unholy ways. [Via]

Google Goggles turns translator

Those of us not lucky/smart enough to read foreign languages have, until now, been fairly poorly served by technical replacements to the trusty travel phrase book. There are, of course, plenty of standalone handheld devices which are simply electronic phrase books with keypads, some of them offering text-to-speech features. An existing Google phone app attempts […]

CL!CK: A LEGO Short Film

Lego: Celebrating creativity, one brick at a time.

Boy Scouts earn video game honor

You might think the Boy Scouts was a way to encourage children to spend more time on healthy outdoor pursuits and less time slumped in front of a screen. But now the movement is offering an award for video gaming. The awards, from the Boy Scouts of America, are not for in-game achievements but rather […]

Tim Gunn Critiques Superhero Costumes

You might remember our recent discussion of catsuits in comic book films, but what about the wide array of superhero costumes over the decades to grace the pages of comic books? In this episode of Crazy Sexy Geeks, Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn gives his expert opinion on comics style. For example, Black Canary? […]

Schwarzennegger to get Judgment Day over video games

The Californian state government will go to the Supreme Court in a bid to ban the sales of violent video games to children. The case involves a law passed in the state in 2005 but barred by local courts before it could take effect. That sparked a legal process which will be settled by the […]

Making Talent Shows More Interesting: With Beer!

Sorry folks, while this isn’t really geeky in itself, I just couldn’t help but posting it. Editor’s note: As far as I’m concerned, Heineken beer tastes like total crap, but you have to admit, the people behind this ad are marketing geniuses! Via [Mister Honk]

James Hance’s Amazing Star Wars-Themed Art

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Star Wars-themed art. Yes, I know, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone here, I am a geek after all! So when Geeks are Sexy reader Amanda contacted me to let me know about one of her friend’s art, I eagerly clicked on […]

How to tell you’ve succeeded as a geek parent [PIC]

A few days ago, Redditor Tax_Ninja submitted this picture to Reddit along with this note: My kid designed his own scientist costume for career day (including the “to do list”). I feel like I’ve succeeded as a parent. All we can say is: Indeed! Good job Tax_Ninja! [Via Reddit]

OMG WTF: The Krispy Kreme Double Down [PIC]

So, being loyal Geeks are Sexy readers, you’ve surely all tried making some artery-jamming Krispy Kreme bacon burgers since we’ve posted about them almost 2 years ago, right? And if you didn’t, you probably thought that these burgers were the ultimate in unhealthiness, and rightly so. But lo and behold folks, the king is dead. […]

Super Modern Art Heroes: Interview with Josh Siegel

To my generation, superheroes are more than just figures confined to the pages of a comic book, they’re pervasive in our culture and interactions. I feel that art reflects the artist’s culture and their thoughts on their surrounding, so it’s only natural for modern artists to mix classic artistic styles with our beloved superhero culture. […]