Ten of the Best Offbeat Twitter Users

There are plenty of celebrities, public figures, intellectual giants and business gurus using Twitter these days. But there are also some posters who entertain in a slightly different manner: the fictional, fictionalized or anonymous accounts. Here’s our guide to some of the most notable: @fakeapstylebook If you’ve any interest in language or journalism, this is […]

Conversations with Myself: Fable III

Good Me: Did you hear? I just opened up our Xbox queue and learned that they’re releasing Fable III! Aren’t you excited? Bad Me: You just heard that? Seriously, do you live in some kind of cell cut off from the rest of the universe? How could you possibly miss that? Old news. Move on. […]

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog [Video]

The relevant part starts at 1:20! For those of you who are wondering how this video fits in with the theme of this site, be sure to read this wikipedia entry about the subject.

Tips for moving home the geeky way

Use a removal service This should be the only tip. Everyone should use a removal service for moving. In fact, most people who move house any other way will inevitably vow to get help next time. But we’re geeks, and geeks like to do things themselves wherever possible, so we need other tips. Boxes and […]

Scottish Researchers Have Turned Whisky to Fuel

There are dozens of different biofuels out there, many of which purport to be the be-all, end-all of the fuel industry. But can your fuel make a great Manhattan? Yes, Scottish researchers, according to the BBC, have achieved their goal of turning whisky into biofuel. The project cost £260,000 and was funded by the Scottish […]

In Regard to Scott Pilgrim

So, being a geek and a movie lover usually sucks big time. Year after year, I get to watch some of my favorite books butchered on the big screen; I have to endure the slings and arrows of, well, inaccurate slings and arrows in medieval films. I cringe when they miscast favorite super heroes and […]

What Turns a Film Into a Fandom?

A lot of the best geeky film/television/book franchises have launched massive fan communities, some of which have endured for decades: Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, to name a few. And of course there are huge followings for specific animes as well, and many, many more. But when something […]

The Call of Cthulhu in Under 2 Minutes

Valley Girl + HP Lovecraft = The Most Concise Summary Ever! [Via Topless Robot]

Everything you need to know about fast food

Did you know that one fast food hamburger may contain meat from hundreds of different cows or that McDonald’s fries are flavored with unspecified “animal products?” Hit the jump for some other facts you might not know about the fast food industry.

Nostalgic Acapella Versions of Cartoon Theme Songs

Destorm is an artist who has created us several episodes of Soul Toons, giving us awesome acapella versions of Tailspin, Ducktails, Gummy Bears, and other Cartoon theme songs!

Awesome Prints of Bad Robot Dudes

Adam Sidwell is a graphic artist who turned to the internet for inspiration. Instead of looking for subjects in the heroes we see so often, he has been doing illustrations of “bad dudes“. From Max Max, to Tyler Durden, Sidwell uses an awesome modernist style. So far though my favorite piece is this set of  […]

Headlines We Saw Coming: iPad Sees Rise in Digital Comics

Well, duh. While the rest of the world may find such information, courtesy of CNN, to be rather surprising (or something?) the geeks  just nod their heads. Do we get points for being forward-thinking? Probably not. Either way, apparently—shock of shocks—the iPad has given comics a major boost. While everyone’s been busy talking about the […]