Cookies for Santa [Comic]

Posted with permission from Josh over at [Source: Formal Sweatpants] Advertisements


Xmas Projection Mapping Show [Video]

Geeks are Sexy reader Gabriel just sent me this really cool Xmas-themed projection mapping video he filmed just a few hours ago during a Christmas show in his home town of Lausanne, Switzerland. Check it out! Merci Gabriel!

Santa Visits Space Station [Video]

Be sure to watch this one till the end. The conclusion might… surprise you. :) [Via LS]

Newton’s Notes Now Online

Cambridge University has published 4,000 pages of manuscripts by Sir Isaac Newton, including his handwritten annotations. It’s the first stage of a digitization process that will eventually see documents from the likes of Charles Darwin and Ernest Rutherford put online. The Newton papers are, alongside Islamic manuscripts, the first documents to appear online as part […]

Gingerbread Lord of Terror Skull [Diablo III] [Pic]

What better way to celebrate the release of Diablo III (January 24, 2012 – pre-order here) during the holidays than to create a Diablo-themed gingerbread skull? This thing even has a candy soulstone mounted on its head! [Via OW]

Tim’s Awesome Internet Meme-Themed Wedding Proposal [Video]

A very touching and original wedding proposal by Timothy Tiah. For the first time, we got to shoot a proposal and it was real fun. It was a covert mission (ok la..more like a paparazzi mission). We went to venue a day before to scout the place, discuss how to hide those cameras and look […]

The Monster Alphabet Board Book

Written by Darren J. Gendron, and illustrated by Obsidian Abnormal, The Monster Alphabet is a 26-page board book featuring 26 legendary monsters, each associated with a letter of the alphabet. When I found out I was going to become a father, I wrote The Monster Alphabet. I wanted a book to read to my son […]

Christmas Snowmen Calvin Would Approve [Video]

When I was a kid, my mother was always on the hunt for every Calvin and Hobbs book. My favorite comics were always Calvin’s sick and twisted snowmen vignettes, which was ironic because growing up in Southern California, I only saw snow actually fall at my house a total of four times when I was […]