Adam Savage – Gollum Will Survive

Watch as Adam Savage from Mythbusters performs “I Will Survive” as Gollum at w00tstock 2.2 in Chicago on 6/6/2010.

Darth Vader Diagnosed: Borderline Personality Disorder

Following a long tradition of providing vaguely pointless diagnosis to fictional characters, a group of French psychologists have determined that Anakin Skywalker may have suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder – which is, according to the DSM, “a pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image and affects, as well as marked impulsivity, beginning by early […]

The Secret Powers of Time [Video]

In the following video, American psychologist Philip Zimbardo explains how our individual perspectives of time can affect our work, health and well-being. If you’ve got 10 minutes of free time, I highly recommend that you watch this video, and if not, come back later to do so. This is probably one of the most enlightening […]

I WANT: Smaug The Magnificent Stein

Ladies and Gentlegeeks, let me present you with one of the most awesome and epic stein I’ve ever seen: The Smaug The Magnificent Stein. This +5 tankard of beer holding (not sure if this is actually possible, I haven’t played D&D in ages!) comes in two versions: The Epic Collection and the Legendary Collection editions, […]

Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man

Whitestone Motion Pictures presents Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man, a short movie based on the backstory of The Wizard of Oz. Featuring magnificent visuals and outstanding storytelling, Heartless is truly one the best short films I’ve ever seen online. If you’ve got a bit of free time today, make sure you watch every […]

Life After Lost (and 24): Day 4

Whatever your response to the ending of Lost, it probably centered on your approach to the flash-sideways sequences of season 6, both in the way everyone turned out to be connected in some manner, and the fact that it all took place in some form of subconsciousness and imagination. Those themes show up again in […]

SoCal Geeks Con Coming Up In June

If you’re a southern California Geek, and are looking for a convention to tide you over until Comic con, then you can hit-up Geeks Con, scheduled for June 19. The good news is that it’s free admission, so you can keep saving your shekels for that 3 day Comic Con pass!

Choosing a Laptop over a Lap Dance: Geeky Bachelor Party

We all know that bachelor parties are typically a great excuse to get completely wasted, and do some very¬†regrettable¬†things with your male friends. One of my favorites recent comedies The Hangover, which if you haven’t watched you should, centers around the crazy situations that can occur at these parties, like proposing to a stripper or […]

The History of Rickrolling [Infographic]

Rickrolling originally began as an Internet prank where one person would be provided a link to something allegedly awesome. When they clicked on the link, they would be taken to Rick Astley’s video “Never Gonna Give You Up”… something decidedly not that awesome. Hit the jump for other interesting facts about “Rickrolling.”

Debbie Goard’s Amazing Geeky Cakes [PICS]

We’ve often presented you guys with geeky cakes here on [GAS], but cake artist Debbie Goard really takes cake design to a whole new level. I mean, just take a minute to look at these, they almost look real! When I asked Debbie where she took her inspiration and what material she used to make […]

Explaining the Monty Hall problem

It’s a fact: a lot of people get confused over probability problems. For example, most geek reading this site will probably realize that if a coin is tossed ninety-nine times and comes up heads every time, then in probability terms, a hundredth toss still has an equal shot of coming up heads or tails. Those […]

America prepared for online warfare

Keith Alexander is officially number one at online warfare’s Cyber Command. But he’s no sofa-slumper and it’s no game. Alexander is in fact four-star General Keith Alexander, and Cyber Command is a newly created subdivision of the US Army’s Strategic Command, which is effectively the military’s tech unit and already deals with missile defense and […]