Illustrated Look At What Motivates Us

Being a worker and manager in the technology industry, this charmingly illustrated video by Dan Pink really hit home on understanding motivation and “Drive” in the modern workplace. [Via]

Did Lost Pull a Reverse George Lucas?

I loved Lost. When I first started watching, I couldn’t get enough. My husband and I blasted through the first season and then had to wait in anticipation for every single episode as it came on television. I don’t think I’d ever seen such a show before, having never watched Twin Peaks or other similar […]

Presenting the Cassette Tape Tie

Geeky ties have always had an appeal to me, from the first time I saw the 8-bit tie i have always loved combining geekery with my “corporate collar of oppression”. So, I was grinning ear to ear when I saw these awesome, if woefully expensive, ties made from recycled cassette tape. The fascinating thing is […]

A Look at Jim Henson’s Muppet Geeks

Twenty years ago this past weekend, a shining figure from many of our childhoods passed away. Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets and countless films and television shows, died at the age of 53 after suffering organ failure due to a severe infection of Streptococcus pyrogenes. I remember finding out the news at school […]

The wacky side of Japanese wrestling

A few months ago, GeeksAreSexy brought you pictures of two odd gentleman smashing one another over the head with fluorescent lightbulbs. It’s all part of the crazy world of Japanese pro wrestling. While the major promotions in the company offer a more traditional wrestling product, the smaller-scale promotions often offer a style which is… different. […]

20 Geeky Words to Add to Your Lexicon

I’m a word geek. No way around that. I have spent literally days of my life trolling the Online Etymology Dictionary and, back when I had a university subscription, the Oxford English Dictionary. English, while being an absolute mish-mash of languages, has a delightfully wacky catalogue of words and phrases that aren’t just fun to […]

Heston Blumenthal: The Culinary Geek [Part 3]

While the Fat Duck is well known in culinary circles, Blumenthal is best known for his TV work. As would be expected from the visual world of television, when it comes to his series of “Feast” shows, practicality is far from a prerequisite. The emphasis is on the spectacular, including in some cases spectacular failures, […]

Eight Ways to Be A Better Tweet Geek

Twitter is my preferred social network for a number of reasons. But more than anything I love it because it’s simple and, with the help of various clients and lists, easy to organize and keep track of. It’s far easier to spend twenty minutes a day catching up on tweets, in my opinion, than the […]

5 Epic Science Fiction Book Series to Read This Summer

So it’s summer, which means that maybe you’ve got some free time on your hands. Maybe you’re even really lucky and will be spending some of that time on the beach, or by the pool. Maybe it’s the kind of free time that can really only be filled by taking a serious nosedive into an […]

Heston Blumenthal: The Culinary Geek [Part 2]

In part one of this series I discussed some of Heston Blumenthal’s approaches to more common dishes. Today we’ll take a look at his more outlandish professional work. Blumenthal made his name with his triple-Michelin star restaurant The Fat Duck, which has been voted the second best in the world (behind El Bulli in Spain.) […]

The Geek Alphabet: From “Away Team” to “Zork”


As a geek, you definitely know your ABCs, but do you know these? From A to Z, “away team” to “zork,” here is [GAS]’s take on the Geek Alphabet. Please note that all pictures featured below were licensed under a “CC” license. We’ve sourced them all at the bottom of this post. All images used […]