I Choose You! [Picture]


Memorable Linux Milestones: Celebrating 20 Years of Linux [Infographic + Video]

Click Picture to Enlarge Yep geeks, the Linux Foundation is celebrating 20 years of Linux, and for the occasion, they’ve released a commemorative infographic (above), as well as an informative video titled “The Story of Linux” (below). So, how many of you guys are hardcore Linux users? Got any special stories about the platform you […]

Ohhh Myyy! @GeorgeTakei’s Ringtone to Benefit Theater

Star Trek’s George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) has taken Twitter by storm–if you aren’t following him (and @DeathStarPR), get on the stick. Er, figuratively. Um, or literally, I guess. Just do it? (Cue ringtone.) The 1.50USD ringtone is a celebration of Mr. Sulu’s 100,000 followers on Twitter. All proceeds go to The Old Globe Theater in San […]

I’m So Cute I Made Spock Smile… Almost!

As you all know, unless you’ve recently joined us, my wife and I had our third child about 2 months ago. So as soon as I announced it to the world, with this oh so awesome post (seriously, do check it out, it’s one of the most geektastic things you’ll see today), my pal Alex […]

The Geek Zodiak [Picture]

Click Picture to Enlarge! Just like the Chinese Zodiac, the Geek Zodiak determines your sign based on the year you were born. Hey! It looks like I’m an Alien! (Xenomorph, Predator, Bodu Snatcher, Triffid, The Thing) + Intelligent, Technophiile, Diplomatic – Suspicious, Secretive, Inscrutable So, according to this chart, which sign are you? And what […]

Geldrop, Netherlands: A Heaven for Tolkien Geeks? [Pic]

Check out these awesomely geeky-named streets located in the town of Geldrop, Netherlands. You can check out the district on Google Maps right here. However, I have to tell you, you’ll be in for a big dissapointment if you decide to move around the area using Google Street View. So, is anyone among you guys […]

Can you name them all?: 235 Pixelated Star Trek Characters [Pic]

Can you name them all? If you can, John Martz, the creator of this illustration, is giving away two free prints of this illustration! Be sure to check out his website for all the details. [Via Nerd Approved]

Hello Watchmen! [Pics]

Flickr user Joseph Senior, aka. Yodaflicker, plans to illustrates 101 kitties so that he can then compile them into a nice coffee table book. We’ve already featured a few of his illustrations here on [GAS] in the past, but Joseph has recently released a new batch of hello kitty characters, including a few Watchmen-themed ones. […]

Mrs. Nesbitt Cosplay [Pic]

For those who don’t get the reference, check this clip out:

Happy 74th Birthday Lando Calrissian!

Billy Dee Williams, the actor who played the role of Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars trilogy, just turned 74 today! Happy Birthday Lando! Williams was born in New York City, New York, the son of Loretta, a West Indian-born elevator operator from Montserrat, and William December Williams, Sr., a Texas-born caretaker. His most […]

WANT: Binary Table 01 [Pic]

Now this has to be one of the most awesome and geeky tables we’ve ever seen! BRC Designs’ Binary Table 01 was built using old computer towers and covered with a collage of old motherboards, chips, heat sinks, and hard drive platters. [BRC Designs | Via Core77]

Charm City Cakes’ Geeky Cakes for Two [Pics]

Old time Geeks are Sexy readers will surely have noticed it by now, but we at [GAS] just love geeky cakes, and Charm City Cakes is one of the bakeries who makes the most awesomely geeky cakes we’ve seen. Unfortunately, most ordinary people cannot afford their cakes, so they’ve come up with a new line […]