Santa Prime [Picture]


The Digital Story of the Nativity [Video]

The story of the nativity as told though Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare and Amazon. Enjoy! Thanks Nicolas!

AMAZING Tie Advanced X1 Starfighter and X-Wing Paper Snowflakes [Pictures]


I’m taking just a minute of my time tonight, between 2 glasses of wines… or 3… or 4… to post these AWESOME paper snowflakes that Geeks are Sexy reader Zombielove74 just sent in via email a few minutes ago. We figure that you guys have prolly been inundated with this recently, but my roomie and […]

Happy Holidays from Google [Video]


Christmasaurux Rex [Pic]

[Source:D-Mac on Deviant Art]

In hopes that Cthulhu soon would be there… [pic]

This hand-painted Christmas card comes via pinprick on Flickr. Why leave cookies out for Santa when you can leave out souls to devour instead?

Happy Holidays from Quadrotor Overlord “Echo”

Remember those Quadrotor bots we featured a few months ago? Well one of them, Quadrotor overlord “Echo”, took some time off her busy schedule to play a little something for us for the holidays. Enjoy! A few new videos have also been released since the last time we featured these guys. Here are a few:

International Space Station Crew Sends Holiday Greetings to All

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 26 Commander Scott Kelly of NASA and Flight Engineers Cady Coleman of NASA and Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency offered Christmas and New Year’s greetings to all people on Earth from the orbital outpost on Dec. 21 as they flew 224 statute miles above our planet.

Ho Ho Braaaains – Zombie Santas [Picture Gallery]

Don’t forget to leave your brains and cookies out for Santa! Because here are some zombies whose naughty lists you definitely don’t want to be on. Mark this one under “things I inexplicably found a lot of on Flickr” category. Zombie Santa is a popular costume, apparently – who knew! _lisamarie_ (CC)

Chimpanzees Stick to Gender Stereotypes

The nature vs nurture debate is one of science’s longer-running questions, and it doesn’t seem likely it will be settled any time soon. But a newly-published study shows the issue isn’t confined to the human race. Sonya Kahlenberg of Bates College, Maine, and Richard Wrangham of Harvard University have published an article in Current Biology […]

Predator Paper Snowflakes [Picture]

First, there were these awesome Star Wars paper snowflakes, and then a few days later, a cylon version appeared online. Now, just in time for Christmas, here comes a cool predator-themed one, for the joy and pleasure of all sci-fi geeks worldwide. [Via Geekologie]

How to Piss Off a Comic Book Nerd [Picture]

Previously seen on [GaS]: How to Put Sci-Fi Nerds in Kill Mode [Via]