Humanity’s Superior Intelligence is in Jeopardy

Computers play chess? So what. Shogi? Whatever. Jeopardy!? Now we’re talking. And while my opening line might seem sarcastic, it really isn’t. That’s because Jeopardy!, while easily dismissed as TV froth, is a genuine challenge to computers. That’s because of the way the show works: for those not familiar, the game involves host Alex Trebek […]

Wikipedia Chief: Geeks are “Really Sweet”

(Speech begins at 09:30 mark) “Geek culture transcends national culture.” So says Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who notes that the geeks who are prepared to spend their time editing the online encyclopedia are generally “really sweet people.” Wales was speaking in my hometown of Bristol (England) as part of a series of events marking the […]

ION’s Book Saver Offers Easier Digitization for Books

Theoretically an e-reader device frees users from the need to ever own printed books. But most avid readers already have full bookshelves (and in many cases, love the beauty of the physical object.) And in any case, many printed titles aren’t yet available in electronic form. ION Audio, better known for their USB enabled turntables, […]

Y’all be speaking funny on Twitter

Twitter can be coo. Twitter can also be koo. But which it is depends on where you live. Carnegie Mellon University researchers have been using the microblogging site to learn more about regional slang. They analyzed 380,000 messages from the site during a one-week period from last March, an estimated 15% of the daily US […]

Brilliant: NASA – The Frontier is Everywhere

No, this isn’t an official commercial promoting NASA, but we definitely think it should be. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. [Via Reddit]

9 Developments That Prove We Really Are Living In The Future


There is little doubt that as time marches on, the sheer amount of impressive technology that each of us has access to will grow exponentially. After all it was only 30 years ago that the thought of home computing was a novel and futuristic concept, whereas today, the thought of not having immediate access to […]

The Font Alphabet [Video]

We’ve featured a few alphabets on [Gas] in the past, most notably our own Geek Alphabet, but Vimeo user n9ve used various fonts to create his own version, where each character is the initial letter of a font name. Check it out: [Via TDW]

Mike’s Fabulous Dragon Cake [Pics]

All I can say is: Wow, have you looked at all the details on that thing? It looks almost real! Kudos to the crew over at Mike’s Amazing Cakes for one of the most delicious and awesome looking dragon cakes I’ve ever seen… not that I’ve seen many, of course, because let’s admit it, there’s […]

Dungeons & Dragons Drawings

By Rob Lammle Contributing Writer, [GAS] Dungeons & Dragons is pretty much a right of passage into nerdery. Even if you didn’t play a lot after you discovered the opposite sex, most of us have rolled a few saving throws in our day. Which is why, when I stumbled upon the website Dungeons and Drawings, […]

Thug Life [Pic]

Graphic artist Adam Stillwell brings us another set of Bad Dudes!

Polaroid Plus Sunglasses Not a Totally Gaga Idea

What do you get if you appoint Lady Gaga as creative director at Polaroid? Why, a pair of sunglasses that can take pictures, of course. Gaga took on the role a year ago as part of Polaroid’s attempts to rebrand itself after getting out of the instant-print game at the end of 2008. This led […]