The London of your Dreams [Geek Art]

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Getting the Book Invented: How Douglas Adams Predicted the Advent of E-books in 1993 [Video]

Animation for a competition run by the Literary Platform to design motion graphics to accompany a prophetic recording by Douglas Adams from back in 1993 detailing the invention of the electronic book. [Gavin Edwards]

Twitter joke trial: first legal breakthrough

A man convicted over a flippant comment on Twitter has failed to get the conviction overturned by a senior British court. However, the case has been sent for a fresh hearing, and today’s ruling marks the first time a judge has officially expressed doubt about the validity of Paul Chambers’ conviction. In May 2010, UK […]

Amazing Star Wars Tattoo Sleeves [Pic]

Some stunning ink work from Nathan @ Holdfast Tattoo. Would love to meet the guy who has this on his arms (and the artist who did the work!) [Holdfast Tatoo]

Hopper Skip Function Jumps into Court

When a TV network boss claimed that skipping commercials on a DVR amounted to theft, most people laughed. The humor has faded away this week with a lawsuit against the manufacturers of one DVR that automatically skips the breaks. CBS, Fox, and NBC are suing Dish Network over its digital video recorder Hopper. The device […]

R U A CYBERPUNK? [Picture]

No but seriously, R U? :) A page from an edition of Mondo 2000, a cyberculture magazine that was published in California during the mid 1990s. [Via IHC]

Why there are so few women engineers [Comic]

So what do you think, geeks? Is this one of the reasons there are so few women engineers? [Source: SMBC]