Star Wars: Episode IV “Iconscope”

There you are on a lush, forest planet on a commando mission to blow up your enemy’s hidden base.  Thanks to your big buddy’s weakness for carrion, you get captured by little teddy bear-looking guys wearing hoods, jabbering on in a language you can’t understand.  You try to talk some sense into them, but instead […]

Employee sacked for Facebook comment claims victory

An employee sacked for making critical comments about a supervisor on Facebook has reached a settlement over the dismissal. But the deal means the case stopped short of a legal ruling on the subject. The case involved Dawnmarie Souza who worked for the ambulance organization American Medial Response of Connecticut. She was suspended and then […]

Star Wars AT-AT Graffiti: I Am Your Father [Pic]

An amazing piece by renowned UK-based street artist Banksy. [Via]

Star Wars Love Note [Pic]


Unprotected Twitter posts fair game for journalists

Publicly accessible posts you make on Twitter are not private. As obvious as that might be, one British woman needed a formal adjudication to get that point across. Sarah Baskerville, a government department employee, had made several posts on Twitter mentioning the fact that she had been hungover while at work, as well as making […]

San Diego Comic Con Ticket Disaster Doesn’t Stop Record Sellout Time

On Saturday, after two failed attempts of trying to get their tickets out, San Diego Comic Con sold out of all tickets in one day. Tickets were released at 9am PST and TicketLeap, the company handling distribution this time, had already crashed by 8:58am. (For some reason they allowed people to go the registration page […]

Addict’s AMAZING Star Wars T-Shirts

I just ordered one of these ridiculously awesome (and overpriced) star wars t-shirts from’s X Star Wars collection, and I’m feeling a bit guilty right now. £20 + £11.85 in shipping for a simple t-shirt? That’s about $51 USD dammit! Anyways, you guys should really check ’em out, they’re totally awesome. []

Vader and The King

And you wondered how Elvis got all those women to scream his name. It wasn’t his hips; it was a Jedi Mind Trick. Wouldn’t this look great on a t-shirt? Why, yes it would. Get it over at Headline Shirts.

Choose Your Doom: An Unhappy Zombie Adventure

Any Geek worth his NaCl remembers Choose Your Own Adventure books, and probably spent more than a couple hours trying to find one of the few ways to make it out of the stories alive. In a grown-up revival of sorts, the interactive story returns with Choose Your Doom®: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! From the Doom Press […]

Crosswalk Trail [Picture]

Thanks John!