Royal Wedding unites the world in mathematical lunacy

This is a rant about the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. But it is not a rant about the wedding itself. Nor is it a rant about the hype surrounding the event. Instead it is a rant about a particularly ludicrous element of the hype that offends me as a rationally thinking geek. […]

Amazing Steampunk Nerf Gun: The Dreameater [Pics]

A blogger named “Professor CaT Pardus” took a basic Nerf Maverick gun and modified it heavily to give it a “steampunk” look. check this baby out, it looks pretty awesome. [More pictures available @ The Wonderful Creations of Professor Cat Pardus | Via Neatorama]

Awesome Tee: Chewie Kun!

This awesome t-shirt from Splitreason mashes up Chewbacca from Star Wars and Domo Kun, the official mascot of Japan’s NHK television station. [Get it @ – 10% off with promo code “geeksaresexy”]

Geekette on a Blind Date

[Source: Abstruse Goose]

James Hance’s Wookiee the Chew Wood-Burning Art

[GAS] friend and relentlessly cheerful artist James Hance has recently tried his hand at wood burning, and I must say, for a first try, he was wildly successful. Check it out: Oh, and speaking of James, his little girl still needs your help! $15k has been raised so far to help pay for her expensive […]

Matrix-Inspired Body-Popping Dance

Ladies and Gentlegeeks, here’s Razy Gogonea, a body-popping breakdancer who performed an amazing Matrix-inspired body-popping dance routine on Britain’s Got Talent a few days ago. Enjoy! [Via]

Reader-Submitted Geeky Easter Eggs [Pics]

After posting Martin’s awesome portal-themed Easter egg earlier today, two three other readers then thought to send us their geektastic Easter creations as well. Check ’em out! Vlad F. Jade K. Bob S. Thanks guys!

Portal Easter Egg Fun

Geeks are Sexy reader Martin M. just sent in a picture of the geektastic portal-themed Easter egg he created in honor of the day. Check it out! Just thought I would share my geektastic Easter egg with you. Its a pretty lame attempt but I thought it would be cool to get all the other […]

Brutal Knitting [Pictures]

Can knitting actually be defined as “brutal”? Well, in the case of Tracy Widdess’ custom knitted masks, yes it can. Here are a few examples of her nightmarish art. [Via]

Pale Blue Dot: The Animated Version

Produced by Adam Winnik for his final thesis project in illustration at Sheridan College, here is an animated version of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. Enjoy! [Vimeo]

Suspicious Online Sexual Stats Deviate From the Norm

A recently published book appears to uncover some potentially surprising facts about internet pornography. But it’s led to criticism of the authors’ use of statistics and logic. Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam have spent a lot of time on the pornography side of the Internet in recent years but, unlike most of us, they’ve got […]

Kindle titles on library shelves

In another crossover between the physical and virtual worlds, it will soon be possible for American owners to “borrow” Kindle books from their local library. The service has been made possible through an agreement between Amazon and Overdrive, an existing service for such e-book borrowing. The service already has apps for devices such as the […]