On The Internet, Nobody Knows You’re A Dog

“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” is a popular saying used to describe the anonymity of the Internet. It began as the caption of a cartoon by Peter Steiner, published in The New Yorker on July 5, 1993 and is still used today when talking about the issues around online identity. Now, with […]


Reggie Watts Disorients you in the Most Entertaining Way

Reggie Watts’ beats defy boxes. Unplug your logic board and watch as he blends poetry and crosses musical genres in this larger-than-life performance. Reggie Watts creates unpredictably brilliant performances on the spot using his voice, looping pedals and his giant brain. [TED]

The London of your Dreams [Geek Art]

[Source: Tom Preston]

Getting the Book Invented: How Douglas Adams Predicted the Advent of E-books in 1993 [Video]

Animation for a competition run by the Literary Platform to design motion graphics to accompany a prophetic recording by Douglas Adams from back in 1993 detailing the invention of the electronic book. [Gavin Edwards]

Twitter joke trial: first legal breakthrough

A man convicted over a flippant comment on Twitter has failed to get the conviction overturned by a senior British court. However, the case has been sent for a fresh hearing, and today’s ruling marks the first time a judge has officially expressed doubt about the validity of Paul Chambers’ conviction. In May 2010, UK […]

Amazing Star Wars Tattoo Sleeves [Pic]

Some stunning ink work from Nathan @ Holdfast Tattoo. Would love to meet the guy who has this on his arms (and the artist who did the work!) [Holdfast Tatoo]

Hopper Skip Function Jumps into Court

When a TV network boss claimed that skipping commercials on a DVR amounted to theft, most people laughed. The humor has faded away this week with a lawsuit against the manufacturers of one DVR that automatically skips the breaks. CBS, Fox, and NBC are suing Dish Network over its digital video recorder Hopper. The device […]