The Sagan Series (Part 3) – A Reassuring Fable

For those of you who might feel “attacked” by this video, please note that Sagan doesn’t clearly say that God does not exist, he only says that our interpretation of what is “God” is clearly flawed and biased. Previously on [GAS]: The Sagan Series – Part 1 The Sagan Series – Part 2

OMG NEED: WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

I have to confess something to you guys: I’ve been harassing my wife about letting me brew beer at home for years. YEARS. Unfortunately, she thinks that, and I hate to admit that she’s right, we just don’t have a good spot at home to do this. But no more, thanks to the WilliamsWarn Personal […]

Geektastic AT-ST & AT-AT Street Art [Picture]

I’m not exactly sure who these guys are or where they are from (their blog is in spanish, and it unfortunately doesn’t say much), but their street art looks geektastically awesome. [KTRL-V]

Harry Potter Marriage Proposal [Picture]

In the same vein as the Pokemon marriage proposal we posted earlier today, here’s how Reddit user Trehlo proposed to his girlfriend. Oh, and be sure to check out the title of the chapter where the rings sits on. Pressure much, future wife? [Via Reddit]

I Choose You! [Picture]


Memorable Linux Milestones: Celebrating 20 Years of Linux [Infographic + Video]

Click Picture to Enlarge Yep geeks, the Linux Foundation is celebrating 20 years of Linux, and for the occasion, they’ve released a commemorative infographic (above), as well as an informative video titled “The Story of Linux” (below). So, how many of you guys are hardcore Linux users? Got any special stories about the platform you […]

Ohhh Myyy! @GeorgeTakei’s Ringtone to Benefit Theater

Star Trek’s George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) has taken Twitter by storm–if you aren’t following him (and @DeathStarPR), get on the stick. Er, figuratively. Um, or literally, I guess. Just do it? (Cue ringtone.) The 1.50USD ringtone is a celebration of Mr. Sulu’s 100,000 followers on Twitter. All proceeds go to The Old Globe Theater in San […]

I’m So Cute I Made Spock Smile… Almost!

As you all know, unless you’ve recently joined us, my wife and I had our third child about 2 months ago. So as soon as I announced it to the world, with this oh so awesome post (seriously, do check it out, it’s one of the most geektastic things you’ll see today), my pal Alex […]

The Geek Zodiak [Picture]

Click Picture to Enlarge! Just like the Chinese Zodiac, the Geek Zodiak determines your sign based on the year you were born. Hey! It looks like I’m an Alien! (Xenomorph, Predator, Bodu Snatcher, Triffid, The Thing) + Intelligent, Technophiile, Diplomatic – Suspicious, Secretive, Inscrutable So, according to this chart, which sign are you? And what […]

Geldrop, Netherlands: A Heaven for Tolkien Geeks? [Pic]

Check out these awesomely geeky-named streets located in the town of Geldrop, Netherlands. You can check out the district on Google Maps right here. However, I have to tell you, you’ll be in for a big dissapointment if you decide to move around the area using Google Street View. So, is anyone among you guys […]

Can you name them all?: 235 Pixelated Star Trek Characters [Pic]

Can you name them all? If you can, John Martz, the creator of this illustration, is giving away two free prints of this illustration! Be sure to check out his website for all the details. [Via Nerd Approved]

Hello Watchmen! [Pics]

Flickr user Joseph Senior, aka. Yodaflicker, plans to illustrates 101 kitties so that he can then compile them into a nice coffee table book. We’ve already featured a few of his illustrations here on [GAS] in the past, but Joseph has recently released a new batch of hello kitty characters, including a few Watchmen-themed ones. […]