WonderCon 2011 Costume Compilation

Youtube user Mark Day has shot some pretty awesome video compilations of some of the best costumes he saw during his visit at WonderCon 2011 last week. Check it out! Friday Cosplay Compilation Saturday Cosplay Compilation [Via TDWG]

[GAS] Reader Vonne’s Amazing Mario-Themed Piranha Plant Tattoo

After posting that Legend of Zelda chest tattoo to our Facebook group, Geeks are Sexy reader Vonne attracted my attention to her colorful Tattoos, starting with this amazing Mario-themed piranha plant-based design. Check it out: The artist behind this amazing tattoo is Elize Nazelie, a professional tattooist based in Somerville, MA. Here are a few […]

April Fool’s gags back with a vengeance

It’s that day of the year again: the online world is full of tech-related April Fool’s jokes. And once again, far too many of them are a little too credible to really work. Google is usually king of such gags, with the notable exception of 2004 when it launched Gmail for real, the date apparently […]

Awesome Cartoon Song Mashup Features Youtube’s Biggest Geeks [Video]

An awesome mashup by Jason Munday of three of the most popular cartoon theme songs of all time: TMNT, Duck Tales, and Pokemon. The video also features Youtube superstars Alex Carpenter, and Jimmy Wong. [Via]

Copyrighting the Melody Of Pi [Video]

In the following video, Youtube user Vihart makes a case (and she does it very creatively I must admit!) against a guy who copyrighted a song based on the number Pi. [Via Reddit]

Angry Birds vs. Three Big Pigs

Youtube user egorzhgun explains the current situation in the Middle East via a game of Angry Birds. Funny stuff. [Via Neatorama]

Musical Instruments Made of Food [Videos]

I don’t know if there’s a lesson here, but making a clarinet out of a carrot and what appears to be a small funnel is really kind of impressive. Live-loop that bad boy and you’ve got a show, which is what Linsey Pollack gives us here: Somewhat more discordant but no less inventive, this man […]

Charlie Sheen Is #WINNING in Sunset Valley [Video]

First he made good movies, then he moved on to parody movies, then he disappeared, then he had a winning TV show (sorry), and just when we all thought he’d lost it, he took on Twitter and confirmed our suspicions. Now the folks at Electronic Arts have planted Charlie Sheen in the Sims 3 — […]

This Cake Oozes Awesomeness [Picture]

Wow. Just wow. This cake literally reeks of awesomeness. I mean, a rainbow, lightning bolts, zombies, a unicorn, a pirate skull, and a robot… the only thing missing from the cake is a ninja! Or maybe there’s one, it’s just that it’s standing right behind you, waiting for you to look over your shoulder to […]

Cool Space Facts [Picture]

This cute drawing featuring our solar system’s happy little planets comes from the mind of Glasgow-based artist Neil Slorance. [Source: Flickr – neilslorance (CC)]

Are you as tall as Darth Vader? 7-foot-tall science fiction growth chart

This one is for all the geeky parents reading us. If you’re looking for a growth chart for your kids, the head blogger over at Geeky Dad made an awesome one for his daughter. Check it out! My daughter is turning one soon, and I decided we needed a growth chart as awesome as she […]

Retro Toys + LEGO = Awesome

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend, Orion Pax. Why is Orion my new best friend? Because he made this out of LEGO: He also made this out of LEGO: And this, too: That is why Orion Pax is my new best friend. Now head over to his Flickr page for […]