Hopper Skip Function Jumps into Court

When a TV network boss claimed that skipping commercials on a DVR amounted to theft, most people laughed. The humor has faded away this week with a lawsuit against the manufacturers of one DVR that automatically skips the breaks. CBS, Fox, and NBC are suing Dish Network over its digital video recorder Hopper. The device […]

R U A CYBERPUNK? [Picture]

No but seriously, R U? :) A page from an edition of Mondo 2000, a cyberculture magazine that was published in California during the mid 1990s. [Via IHC]

Why there are so few women engineers [Comic]

So what do you think, geeks? Is this one of the reasons there are so few women engineers? [Source: SMBC]

Batgirl: Spoiled (A Fan Web Series)

I’m a sucker for fan films, especially ones that feature my favorite (and under appreciated) characters. I came across the trailer for Batgirl: Spoiled today. The story focuses around Stephanie Brown, former Spoiler and Robin – now she has struck out on her own and taken up the mantle of Batgirl. The costumes look incredible […]

Six New Dark Knight Rises Movie Posters [Pics]

With just under two months until the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, six new promo posters have been released. Three of them are branded with the foreboding tag line of “The Legend Ends” which has many fans speculating that Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego will meet his ultimate demise at the end of the franchise. […]

Leonard Nimoy’s 2012 Boston University Fine Arts Convocation Address

Leonard Nimoy has recently retired from acting and public appearances, but when asked if he would give the Fine Arts Convocation address at Boston University last week, he didn’t hesitate to agree. He gets the Star Trek gags out of the way fast and then rises above them to give a very heartfelt speech to […]

Maxim Hot 100 Goes Geek

Here at Geeks are Sexy, we are hardly shy about the Sexy. Maxim has made its name and brand synonymous with the concept and this year’s Hot 100 list has been announced. Who is on that list is up for debate – some I like, some I don’t. You can check out the results at […]