The Xenotext: Poetry in DNA

Poet Christian Bök had an idea for a new work, but to execute it, he had to take a crash course in molecular biology. Years later, after learning computer programming and creating a DNA-codon-to-alphabet cipher, he’s finally ready for the next step: encoding a poem into the DNA of a bacterium. The Xenotext is a […]

Court Refuses to Order Virtual Equicide

In one of the stranger court cases of recent times, a court has rejected a request to remove virtual nourishment for virtual pets in the virtual world of Second Life. The case involves a copyright dispute with one company claiming it created the idea of selling in-game animals that were capable of breeding with one […]

Britain Gets a Real Life Farmville

The operators of a British farm are to allow internet users to take over its management. Wimpole Home Farm is run by the National Trust, an organization better known for managing many of the UK’s stately homes. It’s decided to allow 10,000 members of the public to become virtual farmers, playing a role in the […]

Like a G6 Parody: Roll a D6, Roll a D6 [Video]

OMG! Best. Song. Parody. Of. ALL. TIME. There’s only one thing I don’t agree with however: Coke certainly isn’t the best beverage to have while playing D&D. [Via]

Spiderman vs. Wolverine Face Painting

Nicolas Shilson painted this awesome Spiderman vs. Wolverine scene for the Face & Body Painting Convention in Telford, UK. [Via Walyou]

Nathan Slap (Don’t Twitter This)

So Nathan Fillion, on the set of ABC’s Castle, gets up to some back stage shenanigans that back fires on him in this funny little clip. Of course, Nathan asks Seamus Dever who is filming not to post to Twitter and…

Gummi Dune [Pics]

He who controls the gelatin controls the universe… [Source: Candywarehouse – Flickr]

Royal Wedding unites the world in mathematical lunacy

This is a rant about the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. But it is not a rant about the wedding itself. Nor is it a rant about the hype surrounding the event. Instead it is a rant about a particularly ludicrous element of the hype that offends me as a rationally thinking geek. […]

Amazing Steampunk Nerf Gun: The Dreameater [Pics]

A blogger named “Professor CaT Pardus” took a basic Nerf Maverick gun and modified it heavily to give it a “steampunk” look. check this baby out, it looks pretty awesome. [More pictures available @ The Wonderful Creations of Professor Cat Pardus | Via Neatorama]

Awesome Tee: Chewie Kun!

This awesome t-shirt from Splitreason mashes up Chewbacca from Star Wars and Domo Kun, the official mascot of Japan’s NHK television station. [Get it @ – 10% off with promo code “geeksaresexy”]

Geekette on a Blind Date

[Source: Abstruse Goose]