How Mobile Phones are Made [Video]

Graphic designer Qais Sarhan made this animation for his graduation project on child labor at the University of Leeds, UK. [Via Neatorama]

“Piracy boosts sales” theory may just be child’s play

A “children’s” book has become a bestseller at Amazon, apparently as a result of it becoming popular via piracy. But there are questions about how strong the connection is and whether it could apply to other books or media. The book, Go the F**k to Sleep attracted attention when it hit number one in the […]

I Love you Nintendo! [Music Video]

A simple rap paying homage to one of the greatest gaming company of all time. [Via TDWG]

But Who Watches the Watchponies? [Video]

“Quis custodiet ipsos parvulus equus” How do you make an epic graphic novel turned cinematic masterpiece into something more awesome? Add my little ponies of course!

The Empire Strikes Back: The Musical

Not so long ago, in a place not so far away, a bunch of kids started to work on a musical interpretation of one of the greatest movies ever made : Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back. Now that they’re done with the film, they’re raising money to help with the post production aspect […]

Review: Uncaged Monkeys

Last night I sat among a sell-out crowd of around 2,000 people who had each paid £25 (approx US$40) to see a group of people talk about science. Welcome to the world of Uncaged Monkeys. This was formally a live touring version of the BBC Radio 4 (and podcast) show Infinite Monkey Cage in which […]

The Greatest Dungeon Master Who Ever Lived [Video]

The movie is called Zero Charisma, and it might one day become the dorkiest indie move to grace geekdom… if the team that wants to produce can raise enough money to start the project. Scott Weidemeier spends his time in exactly three ways: working a menial job at a local donut shop, caring for his […]

Geeky High-Schoolers Make Better Adults than In-Crowders

Most of us who are, ahem, long out of high school already know this, but author of The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, Alexandra Robbins, is here to confirm: former geeks make more successful adults than popular kids. Robbins’s focus is on perceived popularity (that is, those noted as being “most popular”) rather than actual […]

Miniature Strandbeest Coming to a 3D Printer Near You [Videos]

Not so very long ago, artist Theo Jansen made Internet waves with his massive self-propelled strandbeests, kinetic sculptures built from plastic pipe, water bottles and other found materials. If you haven’t witnessed the awesome weirdness of the strandbeest, here’s a video of Jansen’s TED Talk. Now, with the increasing availability* of 3D printing, your very […]

Mash-Up Fun: Pokemon + Dr. Seuss = Seusemon?

The mash-up offers a seemingly infinite source for new and weird art. “Smash-up” blog Draw2D2 hosts a bi-weekly mash-up contest; here are some of the entries from the latest challenge, Pokemon / Dr. Seuss.     Check out the rest! Next up:  Star Wars / Pirates of the Caribbean! [source and images: Draw2D2]

Harry Potter and the Comic Book Treatment

Comics + Harry Potter… what’s not to like? That’s what artist Lucy Knisley figured when she put together a quick reference guide to the first five books on everyone’s favorite boy wizard. That’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone to those of you outside of the U.S.) above, but you can find the […]