George Takei making comic appearance

George Takei has become quite the icon of popular culture these days (if you don’t already follow his Facebook page then you are seriously missing out) and so it’s no real surprise that the latest in the Archie comic spin-offs will feature a George Takei cameo. With a history of quite classic comics, the Archie […]


Matt Harding is Back! Where the Hell is Matt? (2012) [Video]

Matt Harding, the guy who, back in 2005, and then later in 2008, travelled throughout the world to record himself dancing in as many country as possible is back, and this time, he adds a little variety to his dance routines. Check it out! [Wherethehellismatt]

Dudes: Time to Club Away the Trolls

Isn’t it about time that we stood up and said that trolling just isn’t particularly cool? I’ve never really understood the appeal of pulling others down “just for the fun of it” without really meaning what you’re saying, anonymous or not. I figure it’s a natural evolution of the phone pranking that used to happen […]

Female Role Models: Pop Culture vs Geek Culture [Pic]

So geeks, got any thoughts about this picture? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Comedy Film Alphabet: Can you Name Them All? [Pic]

Another awesome movie-themed alphabet by graphic designer Stephen Wildish. Can you name them all? [Stephen Wildish]

Kinect Makes Ads More Interactive

Microsoft has announced it will allow advertisers to offer interactive commercials for Kinect users. But a patent filing suggests viewers may be more closely involved in the advertising process than they realize. The commercials, dubbed NUads, look to be a combination of a gimmick to get viewers to pay closer attention and a way to […]

Ray Bradbury Predictions Fullfilled [Infographic]

Sixty years ago, the great science fiction author predicted the appearance of various devices, which have now become commonplace. [Source: Ria Novosti]