Happy Birthday, Ken Jennings!

All hail Trivia King Ken Jennings! Today is the Jeopardy! rock star’s 37th birthday. You probably already know that Jennings is the all-time winningest Jeopardy! champion (with a 74-game streak in 2004) and that he currently holds the record for most money won on American game shows ($3,172,700) and that he and Brad Ruttner were […]

Doctor Doom Cosplay [Pic]

[Via FG]

Geeks and Sports [Animated Gif]

Did you see that ludicrous display last night? [Via Imgur]

Survey Says: People Like the iPad

So, Apple has this tablet–maybe you’ve heard of it, this iPad thing–and as it turns out, people really like and use it. In a survey of 850 iPad and iPad2 owners published on The Atlantic (conducted by Business Insider), results show that, on average, people use their tablets between two and five hours a day, primarily […]

Brazilian Children Break LEGO Tower Record [Video]

Five-hundred thousand LEGO blocks later, Brazil has broken the Tallest LEGO Tower record. At 102-feet and 3-inches tall, the tower was built by 6000 volunteers (mostly children) and a couple of guys with a crane. My question is, who gets to knock it down? And can I come help? [Picture Source]

The Age of the Earth According to People on the Street [Video]

With the exception of Creationists (which is another post entirely), most people know the Earth took a very long time to coalesce and form the big, wet, spinning rock we call home. How long, however, is not common knowledge… apparently. Watch as a sad sort of misinformed hilarity ensues: The guy who said “A couple […]

Muppet X-Men [Pic]

A tribute to Jim Henson, who’s already been gone for 21 years now, by DeviantART user Rahzzah. [Source]

Portal 2: Rated E for Everybody… Except for Orphans [Video]

There’s a bit of controversy going on right now because Portal 2, which bills itself as “educational” and is rated “E” for everybody, has put a father at a loss for words while playing the game with his adopted daughter. Check it out: What do you guys think? Is the guy taking things too far […]

Geeky Latte Art [Picture Gallery]

Some rather awesome latte art creations by the folks over at the Fremont Coffee Company in Seattle, Washington. [Source | Via Buzzfeed | Via Pikimal]

The Epic Adventures of TINTIN [Movie Trailer]

A Tintin movie by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson? Check it out: It’s still a bit early to tell, but if the movie is as awesome as the trailer, boy are we in for a treat! So what do you guys think? Yeah or Nay?

How to Read Comics

While it’s true that not every geek has more than a passing interest in comics, fans of art and history (and art history?) will definitely enjoy the How To Read Comics series on the Best Damn Creative Writing Blog. Rob Vollmar is some kind of comics genius with the gift of ‘splain. The first installment, […]

How Mobile Phones are Made [Video]

Graphic designer Qais Sarhan made this animation for his graduation project on child labor at the University of Leeds, UK. [Via Neatorama]