Geeky High-Schoolers Make Better Adults than In-Crowders

Most of us who are, ahem, long out of high school already know this, but author of The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, Alexandra Robbins, is here to confirm: former geeks make more successful adults than popular kids. Robbins’s focus is on perceived popularity (that is, those noted as being “most popular”) rather than actual […]

Miniature Strandbeest Coming to a 3D Printer Near You [Videos]

Not so very long ago, artist Theo Jansen made Internet waves with his massive self-propelled strandbeests, kinetic sculptures built from plastic pipe, water bottles and other found materials. If you haven’t witnessed the awesome weirdness of the strandbeest, here’s a video of Jansen’s TED Talk. Now, with the increasing availability* of 3D printing, your very […]

Mash-Up Fun: Pokemon + Dr. Seuss = Seusemon?

The mash-up offers a seemingly infinite source for new and weird art. “Smash-up” blog Draw2D2 hosts a bi-weekly mash-up contest; here are some of the entries from the latest challenge, Pokemon / Dr. Seuss.     Check out the rest! Next up:  Star Wars / Pirates of the Caribbean! [source and images: Draw2D2]

Harry Potter and the Comic Book Treatment

Comics + Harry Potter… what’s not to like? That’s what artist Lucy Knisley figured when she put together a quick reference guide to the first five books on everyone’s favorite boy wizard. That’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone to those of you outside of the U.S.) above, but you can find the […]

Geeks are Indeed Sexy: The Geeky Tattoos Edition [Pics]

Last week, I sent a call out asking you guys to send in pictures of some of your geeky tattoos, and boy was I surprised by the volume of submissions I received (over 75!). Obviously, I can’t post all of these pictures, so I had to reject a few, but don’t worry, I plan doing […]

A Happy and Geeky Mother’s Day!

What better way to tell your mom, or the mom of your geeklets, that you love her by sending her these awesomely geeky animated GIFs by our friends at Buzzfeed? [Source]

Wolverine Vs. T-Rex: Part 1 and 2 [Pictures]

One night, Deviantart user nJoo felt like doing a little speedpainting, so he painted this scene featuring a fight between Wolverine and a T-Rex in around 2 hours. Since there was no clear winner to the fight in his first piece, he then had to paint a conclusion to wrap things up. Check it out: […]

QUESTION: Ladies, is This REALLY Offensive to You? [Video]

Recently, Vince Mancini from the FilmDrunk blog posted this video he created for his readership. I’ll let you check it out before asking you the big question. So now that you’ve seen Vince’s video, here’s my question to you: Were you offended in any way by it? Apparently, there are a lot of people out […]

Wannabe Astronauts, Rejoice! It’s International Space Day!

Break out your telescopes and scientific calculators! Space Day was created by Lockheed Martin Corporation in 1997  to motivate the youth of America to study math and science. This day was originally established as a one day event but because of overwhelming interest, Space Day became an annual event. In 2001, former astronaut and Senator John Glenn […]

The Xenotext: Poetry in DNA

Poet Christian Bök had an idea for a new work, but to execute it, he had to take a crash course in molecular biology. Years later, after learning computer programming and creating a DNA-codon-to-alphabet cipher, he’s finally ready for the next step: encoding a poem into the DNA of a bacterium. The Xenotext is a […]

Court Refuses to Order Virtual Equicide

In one of the stranger court cases of recent times, a court has rejected a request to remove virtual nourishment for virtual pets in the virtual world of Second Life. The case involves a copyright dispute with one company claiming it created the idea of selling in-game animals that were capable of breeding with one […]

Britain Gets a Real Life Farmville

The operators of a British farm are to allow internet users to take over its management. Wimpole Home Farm is run by the National Trust, an organization better known for managing many of the UK’s stately homes. It’s decided to allow 10,000 members of the public to become virtual farmers, playing a role in the […]