Official: British city vulnerable to zombies

A British local authority has been forced to admit it does not currently have plans to deal with a zombie invasion. The admission came after a man signing the letter as “Concerned Citizen” made a request to Leicester City Council under freedom of information laws. He asked ” Can you please let us know what […]

The Protein Synthesis Dance [Video]

Biology was comparatively boring by the time I got there, but if you were in high school sometime in the 70s, maybe you’ve seen this. The only way I can even begin to explain this is with a conspiracy theory: Jim Morrison took a season off from touring with the Doors to teach Bio II. […]

Doctor Who-Inspired Artwork [Pic]

These etched PBC Time Lord symbols were made by George Hadley, who was inspired by the Gallifreyan artwork used on the artifacts and relics in the show. The DIYer in me wants to take the afternoon off and make a set for my house; these are awesome. [Make] [image]

Cake-Worthy Portal Earrings [Pic]

These Portal earrings by SVJewellery on Etsy are made of of laser-cut acrylic and win. [Via]

X-Men + Lady Gaga = This [Video]

Sure, Weird Al had his chance to geek-up Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way,” but it seems Ryan of The Warp Zone one-upped him a bit. [source]

Calling All Writerly Types

You never know where writers are lurking. Being a writer is less about having a writing career than it is about doing something that feels natural and compulsory; I’ve met corporate attorneys, computer scientists, kindergarten teachers and baristi who all spend spare minutes and hours each day scribbling stories into notebooks or plotting thrillers in OneNote. […]

The Raddest ’80s-Themed Wedding Cake Ever [Pic]

Cake Wrecks’ Sunday Sweets features the gnarliest cakes ever today, but this intricate wedding cake is my favorite. I’ll save you some squinting: in this one picture there are references to He-Man, Rainbow Brite, the Care Bears, the A-Team, the Smurfs, the Gremlins, the Goonies and Fraggle Rock. And… wait for it… that’s only the […]

Impressive Birthday Cake This Is [Pic]

Sometimes cakes like this–that is, the sculptural, looks-like-something-other-than-cake kind of cake–doesn’t come out that well. But this of Yoda is pretty great. I approve. [Redditor TomTom_on_a_Tauntaun]

Tech Start-Up Offers New Hires Free Beer, Skinny Jeans

Maybe before this week no one had heard of Hipster, a San Francisco company that lets people post queries and answers to others in their geographic area using the Web and a mobile phone, but with their new-hire incentives, everyone is talking about them. If you are hired by–or if someone you recommend is hired by–the […]

The Who, Why and How of Twitter [Infographic]

“Of the millions of tweets created every day, 71% produce no reaction.” I find this unsurprising when people talk so much about what they’re eating and where they are. [by BuySellAds via TNW]

Space Age Designs from the PopSci Archives

Years before Sputnik launched and even longer before The Jetsons debuted, Popular Science was tracking Space Age trends in automobiles, appliances, architecture and interior design. Check out the PopSci gallery of Space Age-design articles from 1951 – 1968, which include everything from rocket-shaped cars to a lunar-base summer camp. [PopSci]

Super-Geeky (And Awesome) “Space Girl” Video

This video couldn’t be more awesome for sci-fi geeks. “Space Girl” by The Imagined Village is set to clips from The Outer Limits, Attack Of The 50-ft Woman, Contact, Star Trek and more. This is going to be stuck in my head all day. I’m okay with that. [via Charmax67]